Oh Emma...

I am in a love affair with Emma Bridgewater pottery.  I own more than I'd like to admit some pieces and am smitten with the simplicity of style and versatility it offers in decorating a table.   They are a British company selling a British product, that is hand made and hand decorated in their factory in Stoke-on-Trent.

My favourite style is Black Toast , and since my home is mostly neutrals the black and cream fits my kitchen to a "t".  There are so many other styles to choose from including polka dots and other fun & festive designs.

The Butter and Cheese platters are from Joanne Hudson, and while they are not Emma Bridgewater, they are designed to compliment the Black Toast line.  I have since bought the Pure Butter tray- and I love it.

So let's dish, what pottery pieces do you own that are special to you?


  1. I have wanted one of those Cheese platters FOREVER. Something else always seems to take priority. Do plastic cups that change colors when you put ice in them count? HA...just kidding! I do have a set of dishes that I purchased just before my mother passed away that I love. Speaking of love...I LOVE your kitchen. Every time I see picture of it I swoon!

  2. The Emma pieces do fit your home to a t! They look great in there and even if you change your style some down the road they will still work. I have wanted a butter slab for years. One of these days I'll bite the bullet and get one.


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia