Bid accepted...

We woke up this morning so that Travis could go see the house.  The owners were just wrapping up a meeting with their agent, so we chatted for a few moments before going in to look around.

They accepted our bid!  Our letter must have done the trick :)  We are such house enthusiasts and I know people pick up on that when they are around us.   Travis is already scheming about the kitchen and what cool stuff he can do to it.  I am busy picking out paint, because that is my comfort zone when I hear words like "termite inspection" and "insulation repair"...
planning on a redo of the stairs to have it open to the front of the house instead of the side.
 Also, lots of landscaping redo to do...

Old homes, right?  This will be the oldest home we have ever had, the smallest home we have ever had, and will probably be the most work we will ever do.  I'm assured by friends we will do fine, and I've even had some of y'all tell me how rewarding it will be.

By rewarding I hope you mean that I come out with my sense of humor in tact...

So that's the news.  We got the house.  Inspections are next Wednesday.

Bring it.


Have you ever had the experience of starting to fall asleep and then suddenly you feel as if you are falling?

Yeah.  I'm having that feeling ever since I laid eyes on the 1923 Farmhouse.  But it's a good, scary, excited, on the precipice of something incredible kind of feeling.  Because, y'all, look...

This house has been lovingly taken care of, but still has a long way to go to return to it's original vintage state.  We are so hoping to get this little house and fix it up in a style that is more in keeping with 1923.  I see a lot of penny tile, black and white, subway tile and marble.  I see brass sconces and a lovely galvanized light next to the front door.

I can see this amazing little house finished.  But I know that this house is not going to be finished quickly.  There is some serious sweat equity to be done here.  And that's the part that scares the shite out of me.

And the crazy part is, we may not even have our bid accepted!  This market is nuts and houses are getting multiple bids with prices going over the asking amount.  So I wrote the sellers a letter that I submitted with our bid.  I'm hoping that they will read it and know that we are serious about bringing this little house back to life.

I keep weighing the pros and cons about getting into this, but the bottom line is that we love projects, and there is no house we could just move into and be happy as is.  That's just us, and that's okay.  Like my husband said to me at dawn this morning, "It will be fun".  I wanted to document that, so that later on when he is scraping 90 years worth of paint off of old vintage windows I can remind him that he is having fun.

Because that is where we are sitting right now- waiting to see if we get the little farmhouse- on the precipice of fun.


Change of plans...

Over the past few weeks, since this whole let's list our house and move to who knows where thing began, we were really thinking moving to a town-home would be the perfect choice.  Then our dream was to purchase a small farmhouse in the hill country when we retire in twenty or so years...

Until we stumbled across this little gem last night:

It's a 1923 farmhouse located in the historic district near where we live now.  Oh my heavens to Betsy, the porches, the windows, the vintage goodness.  It's all there, and oddly enough it is smaller than the original town-home we were looking at.  This house comes in at 1400 square feet- and is UNDER the budget for what we were looking at spending on the town-home.


At least I hope so.  I am going to look at it this morning with our realtor and throw a bid in.  Fingers crossed that they will accept our bid and we can work out a smooth transition closing from this home to the next.

Because that happens, right?  ;)



Dear Sara,

    Today is the day you turn 22 years old.  Like all of your birthdays, you've been counting it down since Christmas.  In your eyes your birthday is like every holiday rolled into one with fireworks and a parade.   We celebrate all week and sing happy birthday to you as many times as we please, because we know what this day means to you.  It's your day- your very special day.

   Last night kicked off the first of the celebrations this week.  While you and William laughed and talked over fish tacos at our favourite waterfront joint, we sat back and watched a very confident young woman enjoy her date night.   A far cry from the image I was given 22 years ago, described by a series of what you would never do.  To say that "you showed them" is a major understatement- so we show them right back every year by celebrating...

You totally live life.  You experience it in high definition, you find the happy in all you do and squeeze every ounce of fun from an event that you can.  You jump in feet first, you participate with enthusiasm and the fact that I get to witness it as your mom is an honor and a privilege.

You, my sweet girl, are a rockstar in your own right.  You are living the life that others dream of and embracing it with gusto.   You find the happy in the now and see life for all that it offers you.  While others search for the key to happiness, you are walking around with it around your neck on a gold chain.  

Party on...



Moving on...

Sorry for the absence of posting.  It's been a whirlwind week over here at the cottage.  The house sold in record time, which threw us into packing mode.  We don't play.  Our entire home is packed up except for the kids rooms and what we absolutely need to cook for the next four weeks.

We ordered one large pod to hold all of our furniture and boxes, and we rented a local storage room to hold our garage tools.  That way, when we do find a town house, we can jump in and begin the renovations.

Which leads me to the fact that there is NOTHING for sale in the town home category in the area we want.  We went ahead and did our pre-approval process where they tried to tell us that we qualified for DOUBLE the amount of our current home.  That was met with some explaining as to the fact that we are trying to cut our living expenses in half so that we can do more- travel more- LIVE more.  What is up with these mortgage companies trying to get you into the very top of your budget?  And then when you go to a price point that is under half of what you qualify for they look at you like you are nuts.  Maybe we are, but we are going to be traveling nuts!

I do have other things on my plate...
  • This week is my last class at the university with my writing kiddos. We are having our celebration and then I am going to begin planning my next year of teaching in a new position.  I will be teaching Digital Literacy with a homeschool group grades 2-9.  Very excited about the possibilities this class will present and how quickly the "school" is growing.  
  • Sara has prom coming up- the theme?  The Red Carpet.  We shopped yesterday and found the perfect "pink princess dress". She is going to look like Disney threw up on her, but that is exactly what she wants and I am happy to oblige since this is her very last prom.  

  • I am also finishing up a large piece I transformed for Country Chic Paint- I am hoping to have that one wrapped up by the weekend.  Throw in some sign orders for The Happy Soul Project, as well as a few custom signs- and yes, I stay busy. 

  • Hunter is half way through his 5th grade math program.  This year has been about getting him caught up on math and getting him to fall in love with learning again.  So far I'd say the year has been a success.  So much damage done to him by public schooling and lots of healing took place this year.  
  • Sara and I spoke to a group of college students yesterday morning about putting an end to using the "r" word.  Words matter, and yesterday I believe our words resonated with those young adults and made them think.  I love that Sara and I are embarking on this adventure together and doing something to change people's perceptions of Down Syndrome and people with intellectual disabilities.  

The cold blew back into Texas last night.  We awoke at 2:30 this morning to temps in the 40's and a blood red moon.  So cool to see and Hunter was excited that we woke him up to witness it.  Needless to say we all slept in and are still in our warm pjs for the duration...

I will keep y'all posted if anything new pops up in the next few weeks.  Until then it is going to be more packing and getting settled into my parent's house until a property opens up.  I am incredibly lucky that my parents are letting us stay with them, but time with my parents is a gift, and I am looking forward to all the things we can do together without being tethered to a house!