My role in our renovation has been what my husband lovingly refers to as "project coordinator".

I think I've quit about 300 times since we started this venture in May.  It's a good thing I work for someone who finds my flailing arms and never ending use of swear words "charming".

The floors that were originally supposed to be installed in June, but had to be reordered after being the wrong product, should have been arriving in the warehouse TODAY.  Yesterday the rep informed me that no, the floors might be in the warehouse Thursday after 2 pm.  If not then, it will be Monday.

The windows that were only supposed to take two weeks in production after being ordered the first week of June but have spilled over into SIX weeks in production, and one week of sitting at the store will be installed on Tuesday.  The same day as the guys will be working on installing the floors.  It's going to be like an adult sized game of Twister up in there.

The kitchen cabinets are being delivered on the 25th while the floor guys will still be installing our floors.   Let's just call that left hand red, right leg blue with a full body twist to get the right hand on yellow.

This week Travis is building out the sink bases for the two bathrooms.  I have a rep coming out to measure for the master bath shower door, and blinds for the house.  We have seven windows total.  Our last home had 20 windows.  Seven is going to seem like a drop in the bucket to cover.   I am thinking of going with Roman shades again in a white sailcloth material like this:

So basically everything that I had carefully planned and orchestrated to happen in a certain order so as to avoid contractors tripping over each other has gone to hell in a hand-basket.  Instead, next week EVERY contractor is going to be in that tiny tudor trying to install their materials.

I will be sitting in a corner with the spinner calling out colours.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see the chaos in action.


The waiting game...

I am not a fan of summer.

I know that for most people summer is their favourite time of year and saying that it sucks is a sacrilegious statement, but summer has always left me a bit blue.  I think I have reverse seasonal affect disorder, because winter time I am a happy, bouncing, productive gal.  Summer just drains me.  Too much sun, high temps and the smell of sunblock makes me nauseous.   I know, I'm weird.

Throw in a full on home renovation and all the frustrations, setbacks and unexpected problems- and you have a recipe for the sads.  Also, I am not a fan of sitting and waiting.  I am waiting on the new windows, flooring, and our kitchen cabinets.  Every day I make my list of calls only to be told, "nope, not in yet".  My parents have been so sweet to let us stay with them, but I am so ready to be back in our own place.

We did get quite a bit done over the past two weeks, and even had some great family days as well.

Tile went in...

shutters went up...

4th of July- decorating with flags and DeWalt tools...

wood sample next to the bathroom tile...

vanity light went up...

range hood from Tuesdays With Dorie came in the mail...

Now we are just sitting and waiting for everything to come in.  Hopefully the new front windows will be installed this week...


Tackling the to-do list...

Travis is off for the next two weeks, so we plan to tackle as many small projects around the tiny tudor as we can.  Our youngest is off to spend some time with cousins, so Sara will be our only helper.   Yesterday we spent time doing paint touch ups, installing ceiling fans and changing out all of the existing plugs and switches.  I still find myself thinking the place is tiny, so how can we need ALL of these supplies??

from Lowes- Screw-less switch plates...

Monday our tile guy will start the tile in the bathrooms.  We are super excited to see our Carrara and white subway tile go in.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with our progress!

Have a great week :)


This needs to stop...

Friends, I am asking that you look at  THIS  seller and leave a review for Amazon.   Those of you who follow me on FB, or know me personally, know that I am passionate about my pledge to end the use of the R word.  It's a slur- an ugly one, that needs to disappear.   I am working so hard to make our society a place that sees people with Down Syndrome and disabilities as ones who can be productive and purposeful in society.  The phone case that I discovered this morning featured a girl with DS on the cover and the R word in the product title.  It has since been taken down by the seller, only to pop up somewhere else in the hopes that the 200+ people who left negative comments wouldn't find it again.  This type of senseless "consumerism" boggles my mind.  Who would want to be seen spewing such hate?   Would you look at this picture and call my daughter the R word, or advertise it on your tshirt or phone case?

Please go HERE and leave a review for Amazon.  I will NOT be ordering items from Amazon until this product is removed.  I'd also like to see an explanation/apology as to why this type of garbage was listed in the first place.    Let them know that this is not acceptable- that we have a voice and it will directly impact their bottom line.  Because in selling trash like this it is obvious to me that Amazon values their bottom line more than the people it serves.


Weeks 5 & 6...

  • finish painting upstairs, walls, trim, doors, hallway
  • install new light fixtures upstairs and downstairs
  • fix all cracks and openings in attic- blow in insulation 
  • paint the railing going down the stairs
  • paint the entire downstairs including the laundry room
  • paint the fireplace
  • install new door leading to garage and front door
  • move existing exterior faucet and reroute to the atrium
  • putty/sand weird opening to vanity area
  • have electrician out to check kitchen wires and rewire the breaker box
  • tile laundry room
  • fix door frame for new front door (to be installed in two weeks)
  • get an exterminator out to spray
  • hang new mailbox
  • build out desk area in living room and paint
  • remove slider door and replace with double french doors and a door that the dogs can go through to get to the atrium area
  • build shelves in the entry closet to house extra kitchen small appliances
  • install pedestal sink and toilet in the downstairs 1/2 bath
  • install new light fixtures downstairs
  • build out laundry room/install sink
  • hang new exterior lights and house numbers 
  • build and install exterior shutters and corbels
  • install sprinkler system in the atrium area and front beds
  • install new water heater
  • landscape atrium and front beds
  • install new flex-pipe in laundry room and additional pipe for utility sink
  • Landscape and new front flagstone stoop 
  • fix drywall in garage and paint
  • fix drywall patches in bedrooms and living room
  • install new front windows
  • build sink console for kids bathroom
  • install new switches and electrical covers
  • install and paint new baseboards 
  • install door stops
  • install alarm system and fire alert system

We are in a bit of a lull this week.  The plumber finished up the bathrooms, the drywall is in, and now we wait for the tile guy.  The new front windows should be installed either Saturday or Monday, and our appliances for the kitchen will be here on Saturday.  Travis is off for the next two weeks so we are going to knock out some of the built ins and the exterior shutters.  There are so many little things to do such as baseboards (maybe that is not so little!), door stops, electrical switches and plates, along with paint touch ups.

July is going to be a hurry up and wait month.  The floors will be in on the 10th, and the kitchen cabinets will be in on the 25th.  Our goal for a move in date is still the beginning of August.  I am more than ready to get in and get settled.  My parents have been so sweet to open their home to us, but I'm sure they are ready to have their quiet time back!

Renovations like this are not for the faint of heart, but I am glad we are getting all of the mess done at once this time instead of living in it while we work.   We know how incredibly lucky we are to be doing this :)