Sofa RX...

I love our sofas....sort of.  It's actually a bit of a love/hate relationship we've had over the past two years.  When I found our sofas they were in a consignment shop, very well made, and sported lovely slipcovers.

See?  Pretty enough....but the ugly truth lurking underneath those slipcovers was floppy cushion disease.  Don't get me wrong, they are very high quality and I'm sure the sofa creators meant well when they filled those cushions with down, but the moment you sat in them they collapsed like a flan in a cupboard.

I couldn't imagine brining up the subject of new sofas to my husband, but every time we sat down to watch television we were all racing to get to his leather recliner.  Many times I would opt to sit on the cart/coffee table instead of the soggy sofa cushions.  It wasn't just the sinking, it also gave you the distinct feeling you were sliding off the sofa.

Then one day I got the bright idea to take those cushions off and haul them down to my favourite upholsterer.  He told me not to worry, he could save the cushions and keep our bums firmly planted on them ;)

With some foam filling and whatever medicine he injected- we came home to sit on these...

 I now have a love/love relationship with our sofas.


  1. They look great now and I am sure are more comfortable. Great find.

  2. I think I need to do that too. How much did they charge per cushion?

    1. It was $300 for all four cushions, which I didn't think was too bad- well worth it!!

  3. I've so wanted a white sofa. I tried slipcovers which my husband hated. They wind up on the floor or revealing the arms and fringe underneath. Ugh. We have a leather recliner sofa that is soooo uncomfortable. I do love your white.

  4. I love your couches! Glad you decided to get them re stuffed instead of dropping a big bundle on new ones!!!

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