One of the coolest things I saw design wise while in Australia was this chandy that was hung outside the breakfast/lunch restaurant in our hotel.

Since seeing it I have been plotting ways to construct one of my own.  No idea where it would go, just know that I would love the challenge of making one!

I've seen people make their own twig chandys...

shades of light
As well as the antler chandy...


What chandy trends are you a fan of, and have you ever attempted to make your own chandy?


  1. Those are all amazing chandeliers. It would be interesting to see them in a real setting,wouldn't it?

  2. Never had a house with high enough ceilings that one would look good in. Ours now doesn't really have a place either. But I am working on a fancy clock - will post pics if I can get it somewhat right.

  3. The last chandy we purchased
    was an iron one that hangs over
    our dining table. One Christmas
    I decided to attach birch branches
    with twine and hang tiny star and
    snowflake ornaments. Although
    I eventually took the ornaments
    down, I loved the look of the twigs
    so much that two years later, they
    are still up : ) Even with a basic
    fixture, the possibilities for jazzing
    it up are endless!

    I can see why your were inspired.
    Those are some amazing chandies
    that you saw in Oz!

    xo Suzanne


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia