Priority organization...

I adore our open shelving in the kitchen, but I really had to rethink the area where I store our glasses.  I am 5' tall, and at 46 years old I am probably already starting to shrink.  Reaching anything in a kitchen has always been an issue for me.  Why I thought putting the wine glasses on the highest shelf was a good idea is completely beyond me.  I'm sure my neighbors have had a good laugh watching me try to coax one of those glasses down using my wooden spoon while hoping it didn't come crashing down on my head.  Every. Night.

Today I decided to do something about it.  I moved the glasses down off that upper shelf and bought a wine glass holder.  I drink one glass of wine a night- I work hard all day and I shouldn't have to work that hard for a wine glass.  Priority organizing at it's finest.

We started by hanging the coffee cups up on the underside of the top shelf.  Then added the wine glass holder to the bottom side of the lower shelf.  This increased our shelf space by two times! And look at those easily accessible wine glasses!

Since we were in the giant store-of-organize-everything, I decided to do something about our knives in a drawer situation.  In the last house I kept them in a drawer and that worked fine.  I've actually read that wood blocks dull knives, so putting them in a block and taking up valuable counter space wasn't an option.  Instead I went with a magnetic strip that we mounted on the side of the fridge near the stove...

I do most of my cutting on this side of the kitchen and my butcher blocks are to the right along side the stove.  Also, why is it that when you finally realize that everyone in your house wants bananas, and so you go buy more bananas, and then nobody seems to be interested in the bananas?  It's bananas.

While I was photographing the organizational upgrades to our tiny kitchen, I decided to snap some better pictures of the television console we bought off Etsy for our living room...

Hope everyone is enjoying their pumpkin lattes, sweaters and changing leaves.  It's 90 degrees here today with a matching number for humidity.  Festive. Not.


  1. it looks great and I have two of the wine glass holders and use them for different glasses too not only wine glasses and i just love them, they look nice and they are quite the space savers too. yours looks wonderful! that's funny about the neighbors seeing you do that too. i love your counters!

    i think it's 90 here today too! just when we thought we could enjoy the outdoors again. oh well, can't complain :)


    1. This weather is killing me. Fall/winter are my favourite seasons, ironic since they are two that Texas just doesn't seem to get...

  2. Great ideas for the glasses. It's cold here Ohio. It even snowed Satuday. The leaves are changing quickly.


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