Inside the courtyard of good and evil...

If you get the title reference to this post you may know where I am going with this.

We love our tiny tudor townhouse, but folks- we have moved right into One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.  Maybe it's the close proximity to our neighbors, but we have some interesting characters living near us, so many in fact that I think I may write a book.   (well, more likely I will just blog about it)

I'm going to start with the woman who lives directly beside us.  I will call her Garbage Can Girl (GCG for short)  I first met GCG while we were remodeling this past summer.   I was in the house and painting- brush in one hand and a lollipop in the other.  Don't ask me why, but I suck on lolipops when I paint.  I was mid brush dip, when I heard a rather terse "Hello??".  Walking into the garage I saw a woman wildly gesteruring to two trash cans and she began acusing me of stealing them.

Yep, totally busted.  I lift trash bins.  It's what I do.  Breaking bad.

I tried to explain to her that when we moved in they were in front of our garage, and maybe one of the contractors pulled them in and used them, but before I could get through my explanation she began TIPPING the cans over into the garage and DUMPING the trash onto the garage floor.

I wish I was kidding.

I just stood there, lollipop in hand, bewildered and waiting for the camara crew of Pranked to pop out.

They didn't.

That was our first interaction with GCG.   The second is ongoing and involves her little dog that she leaves in the atrium area next to our atrium area for extended periods of time.  Do you know what little dogs do when they are left alone and bored?

Bark.  Non-stop.

Travis is sleeping days, since he is working nights- so I tried ringing her bell so I could ask her to please take the dog in.  She peeked out, but wouldn't open the door.  I did this three times.  Finally, I wrote her a polite, but sternly worded note asking her to find someplace else to stash the dog.   All's quiet at the moment.

Next up:  Bumper cars in the cul-de-sac...


  1. Yikes! I feel bad for you that you have to deal with this. In the past year I have had both houses on either side of me sell and each time I prayed that I did not get a neighbor like that. I don't have patience and don't tolerate stupid very well so I know I would probably have said some choice words to her by now. LOL ...and I never can understand why people have to be this way. Its like they get enjoyment out of being rude.

    1. THat is exactly it, people like that find some sort of pleasure in acting out against others.

  2. I wish you luck. We have neighbors that had three large dogs that they trained for K-9. These dogs were kenneled all day, every day. If we were outside they were barking. We lived with that for 16 years until, sorry to say they died. I wanted to say I so enjoy stopping by to enjoy your house project and stories of life. Have a wonderful weekend. Alaina

  3. Oh Lord, nothing is worse than weird neighbors and they don't seem to go away. I say move.

  4. Oh no. The garbage can lady had a lot of nerve. Way to welcome her new neighbor. The dog, that gets old so quickly.
    My son is having problems with his new neighbor. She knocks on the wall for him to be quiet why she yells all day long at her baby. So now my son thinks he is moving. Oh my.
    I hope it gets better. You are scaring me a little since we are trying to move into a little condo.

    1. Oh no, not trying to scare you! I think this is the kind of stuff you find anywhere you live. There just seems to be more of them in my area, lol!

  5. so sorry to hear you have annoying gcg living near you....I think we all have had one at one time or another....I think I am going to rethink my moving from the country with no one around me to living in a neighbor hood....I have been out here for 20 years.....and want to sell to move elsewhere.....but hubby loves it .....and in my home....if hubby's not happy no one is happy....lol...I enjoy your writings and your decorating.....hope peace finds your way....

  6. GCG sounds like a crazy lady. Be very leary of her. Did she pick up the garbage she dumped on the floor?
    Sorry you have to deal with that kind of stuff.

    1. Nope- we picked it up. I stay far away from her.


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