The Happy Soul Project Shop is OPEN...

It's official, The Happy Soul Project shop is open for business!  Painting Outside the Lines signs sold out in less than a day, but that is okay- each sign is custom made and can be customized to your colour specifics.   The apparel shop is open as well, and the t's are beyond cute with a very important message about how we are all different and there is genuine beauty in those differences.

If you haven't met the blogger and founder behind The Happy Soul Project, Tara, go here to read her story.

But the best part, the heart of Happy Soul Project is here, in Awesome Eh?  It's so much more than selling some signs or t-shirts...

 "And so a portion of proceeds from every sale at the Happy Soul Project Store will be going towards our new Awesome Eh? Project, which is random acts of awesomeness proving to others that there is hope and happiness out there...It could mean buying a teenage girl with Down syndrome a prom dress or sending a new momma who is struggling with her baby's diagnosis something special...It could be anything yet to me it is everything. To me thinking of someone feeling so special and having nothing to say except, "Awesome Eh?" is pretty damn special."

Nominate people who need a bit of awesomeness in their life - Doesn't matter who they are, where they live or what they need...If there is something we can do to bring them kindess then lets do it. To nominate someone, contact us HERE.

Just click here to shop and support.  


  1. How awesome is that! What a beautiful baby! Love it! Will pay them a visit.

  2. How wonderful of you
    to spotlight this wonderful
    company/cause! I am
    looking forward to diving
    in and learning more!!!

    xo Suzanne


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia