Sara's new room...

Y'all are the best.  I am not even kidding when I tell you that reading the responses to my last post made my face hurt from all the ear to ear smiling.  Talk about a virtual love fest.  I know it will pass- this race would not continue on if raising teens didn't land you on the other side going, "Wow, we made it!  What the hell was that??"

I'll make it too, but for now it is just hard.  (again with the dragging out of the word hard with a distinct whine)

I've been working on the room bit by bit.  My poor husband had to talk me down from the worst panic attack over hanging a ukelele.  I'm pretty sure the manufacturers of Xanax never had that scenario in mind when they created their miracle drug.   In my defense, incorporating a purple ukelele into a design scheme is not exactly easy.  Also, I know the anxiety wasn't really about the ukelele.

So here are a few pictures of the room...

The wood for the shelves came from a friend who had us cut down a HUGE shelf/buffet for her.  This was one of the shelves so we just cut it in half, added brackets and ta-da!...shelves.

This is a vintage sewing table that I have had forever.  I added two Nichols & Stone chairs (I collect chairs like some women collect cats)

The sofa is from Pottery Barn teen.  It is pool blue and coordinates with her other room.  She wanted pink, but they were out, so pool blue it was.

The walls are just a collection of pieces I had along with the addition of the new framed piece we made for her.  Pink, of course.

There is the purple anxiety attack inducing ukelele.  Brought to you by the makers of Xanax.

The curtains are PKaufman material in buffalo check.  Found the material on Ebay and made them myself.  They are not lined, and it was simple straight line sewing.  Easy peasy.  The rods are our signature fence posts.  Super cheap and I love the galvanized steel look.

Most importantly this girl was super happy with how it turned out.  She sits in there to read, talk on the phone, work puzzles with her boyfriend, and dance to her favourite music.  I love that the room reflects her personality and love of beachy colours.


  1. I love the idea of using a fence post!!! Smart.

  2. What a great teen hang out! Glad she is happy with it! And, regarding your last post - HAHA - my husband was the same way (has passed now) but his head didn't even have to hit the pillow before he was snoring. I actually miss that sound now! But sister, teen years become young adult and adult years, for some reason, it just goes on and on and on......mine are now 28 and 32, one is married with kiddos of his own and I still worry :) Enjoy!

  3. The room is so cute! The perfect teen/young adult hang out!


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