Olive oil...

One of my favourite bloggers to read is Janet from The Gardener's Cottage.  She is an amazing woman who has figured out how to downsize, go completely Vegan, decorate simply but beautifully, and is chock full of great tips and tricks to living a simpler life.

This past week she wrote a post on using olive oil to moisturize her skin.  I gotta admit, I was highly skeptical that it would work, and just a tad worried that I would walk around all day smelling like a salad.

After turning 40 I began to notice that my skin was changing- and not for the better.  I've dealt with eczema on my face and neck, my pores getting a bit bigger, and dry skin in general.  I've tried pretty much everything from expensive moisturizers,  trips to the dermatologist that resulted in purchasing very expensive tubes of medication, to oatmeal soaks in the tub- which only resulted in the dogs jumping up to lick me while I spent an hour scrubbing out the tub.

So when I read about something as simple as olive oil.  I was curious and decided to give it a try.  Well, wow.  Who knew?  I just put a small amount in my hand right after showering while my skin was still damp, massaged it in and viola!  Super soft skin and I don't smell like a salad.  I also used a bit on my face and let it soak in before I put my make up on.   A few days into using it and I am hooked.  This is going to be my moisturizer from here on out.

I would suggest purchasing a second bottle for the bathroom though- since nobody wants to watch you fetch pasta ingredients from the loo ; )


  1. My MIL uses it on her hands daily. She says if they used it in the Bible then she can too. Her hands and especially her nails are beautiful.

  2. I was introduced to it by a friend this fall. Amazing! Pity I found out about it this late :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I can't wait to try this! I have dry skin too and seems like the natural things out there our ancestors used are truly the BEST! My Mom has taken a vitamin E pill, breaks it open and uses on her face and hands. It feels a little sticky at first, but later doesn't. She has done this for years and looks much younger than 80. Roxie

  4. That's too funny. I have been using baking soda for everything and had the same thought about having to go to the bathroom to retrieve it for baking. Ewww. I may have to try this trick. I just found your blog through Hometalk and I've enjoyed poking around. I'm your newest follower.
    Let's Add Sprinkles


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