Celebrating love everyday...

This is Sara's last year of school.  It's kind of a big deal that after 18 years of schooling, come this June she will be finished.  No more ARD meetings, IEP's, parent/teacher meetings, dinner or coffee with her lovely teacher to discuss job transitioning- just a grown up 22 year old with Down Syndrome out in the real world.

So I am planning on doing things a little extra special this spring, starting with Valentine's day.  In the past we have always run to the store and bought a box of whatever Valentine's looked like something she was into.  Hello Kitty!  Hannah Montana....but this year we are doing real Valentines that reflect Sara's personality, not just the characters or pop stars she's into at the moment.

I started looking around on Minted's website.  If y'all haven't experienced the loveliness of a Minted card, then you have been missing out.  They really are worth the extra money, because the quality is just that good.

I ordered these for Sara to hand out to her teachers and classmates...it's just a preview from the order, so the quality is not that great.

This shot was taken by my very good friend Brittany of Brittany Rae Photography & Design.   I love how she captured Sara's personality in this shot.  She had jumped on her bed, crossed her legs and just beamed up at the camera.  You should hear her say, "Cheese" through clinched teeth and a smile.  Cracks me up every time.

Valentine's Day has always been one of Sara's favourite holidays.  She is never afraid to tell someone she loves them- when she spends time with someone she never leaves without letting them know how much they mean to her.  An example we all should follow.

"School" may be coming to an end for this girl, but I have a feeling that we all have so much more to learn from her.


  1. Adorable!. ..the girl and her valentines! Hope she has a wonderful time celebrating these last few months of school!

  2. She is SO cute... the picture really does seem to have captured her bright personality. What a gift she is to the world! Happy Heart Day to both of you, I think love is worth celebrating, and you are doing that in a wonderful way!

  3. That's so sweet and it will mean the world to her teachers. You know that. :)

  4. Cute! It is so lovely that you are making Sara's favorite holiday extra special this year! I'm sure it will be a fun day for her!

  5. That picture makes me smile. Hope she enjoys her final school days!

  6. Such a pretty girl and I know she is just as sweet and lovely. I have a sweet Down's syndrome friend and she's so fun! They local high school put on a prom for the school that she attends. The boys danced with the girls and she had a ball! She told me she was engaged and would marry soon! I just love being around her. She brings so much joy every where she goes. Just love this picture of your girl!

    1. Sara LOVES prom! She has been every year since starting high school. She dances to the point of us having to force her to take water breaks, lol! Sara is a lesson to me in so many ways, but the main one is that she embraces moments and celebrates them to the fullest. What a lovely way to live your life :)

  7. This is just too precious.
    What a beautiful girl, inside
    and out! I wonder what she
    dreams of doing when school
    is over? I hope you'll share : )

    Love & hugs,


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia