One of my all time favourite things to do is to "decor-range" a space.  To take what you already own and move it around, grab pieces from other rooms, and basically redecorate using what you already own.  Many times in redoing a space you have what you already need, it's just sitting in another area of your home, or you just need to tweak the layout of what is already in the room.

I visited one of my neighbor friends who was sweet enough to let me photograph and move some of her things around to decor-range it.

We decided to change up her entryway.  She felt that it was too cluttered and that the furniture layout was not right.  I agreed, the space is small, and it happens to be the same as my entry, so I was familiar with the challenges of that space.

This was the room before we began:

The table that was there was too small in scale for the mirror.

 The door opens to the right side, so anything on that short wall will be "clutter" the moment the door is fully opened.  I knew that wall had to be clear of furniture, but could support a large piece of art.  We cleared out the entire area- both of them, since the entry is one space, but then moves into another section of entryway.

Then we began by placing a chest she loved into the first section of entryway, but on the left hand side. (left hand side as if you are entering through the door- so right side if looking at the picture, but left side if entering the home)

I hung the picture a bit higher, because the homeowner plans on adding a lamp to this chest.

We followed the rules of:   1. Do you love it?  2.  Do you need it?  3. Do you have room for it?

She loves the chest,  and the picture of her husband and her is one of her favs, so I wanted those to have top viewing.

We decided to incorporate a gallery wall on the wall just past the chest on that same side leading to the living room.

She gathered up some of her favourite pieces and we arranged them on the floor until we found a shape we liked.  The deer skull had been over the television, but I liked the idea of adding in a little unexpected piece- and nobody expects a blinged out deer skull!  It adds a bit of whimsy and picks up on the turquoise in some of the frames as well as the chest in the entry by the door.

Then we addressed the other side of the room.  She had a lovely piece of large metal artwork that we hung on that right hand side where the door opens.  Then we stole a large mirror from another room to prop against the wall on the second section of the entry.

It opened the space up, but still provided some visual interest without overcrowding the entry.  Even the dog was relaxed and decided to take a nap ;)

Decor-ranging is a service that I plan on providing to my readers this year.  If you are interested in a virtual or in person decor-ranging session just send me an email at tandtgoins {at} gmail.com and let's see what we can repurpose and decor-range in your home!


  1. That is one great way to spend an afternoon. I love shopping my own house too.

    1. I think a lot of times we get stuck seeing an item that "belongs" in a certain room. That is the fun of going into someone else's home and not really having a preconceived notion of where things go. I like having someone come into my own house to do this too!


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