Country Chic Paint- a review...

A few months ago I was contacted by Country Chic Paint to give their new paint a try.  I am not one to turn down paint.  In fact, I'm the kind of girl who will chose paint over new clothes.  #paintlove

My paint arrived, but it was too cold outside to actually open it up and play, so I spent some time just photographing the pretty cans.  This stuff was packaged so well- each individual wax and paint was bubble wrapped and taped.  And how cute are those labels?

I chose the colours Hurricane, Vintage Cupcake, Elegance, and Vanilla Frosting.  I know, yummy names.  I'm just thankful they didn't smell like those buttercream candles. I remember being pregnant and burning one, only to find myself debating whether or not the candle might actually taste like buttercream...

Finally the weather warmed up and I was able to go out to the workshop and play with my new paint!  I started with the Vintage Cupcake, because anything with the word cupcake in it has to be good.

I had an old dresser that was in need of some refinishing and paint love.   If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw the number of drawers strewed about my workshop floor!

First, I applied two coats of the lovely pink Vintage Cupcake.   This paint lives up to it's confectioner's names- it goes on like butter.  No lumps or bumps- just consistent smooth and even coverage.   This is a chalk type paint and goes on very flat.  It's the wax that gives it a smooth to the touch finish.

Then I hit the edges with a 150 grit block.  I went back and applied some dark wax, using a rag and rubbing it in as I went for an all over subdued pink look.

Once the dark wax had lost it's tacky feel I went back and distressed the entire piece with my hand sander and 220 grit paper.  I focused mainly on the edges of the piece for distressing.  I love how the dark wax softened the pink a bit and added a bit of an aged look.

This piece had a lovely scalloped top which I decided to highlight by staining it instead of painting it.

I love to save old hardware and knobs.  This piece was missing one of the center pulls, and I had two of my bedroom dresser pulls laying out in my workshop- it was perfect on this piece and I love the mix of wood and the aged patina of the brass pulls.

I am big on how a paint cleans up as well as goes on, and this paint did not disappoint.   Sometimes chalk additives can gunk up in a brush and make it hard to complete a project without changing/cleaning brushes.  Country Chic Paint didn't gunk up my brush, and it was super easy to clean up with soap and water.

I will be doing a few more posts on projects painted with Country Chic Paint in the next few weeks, including a tutorial on how to wet distress a piece and making a sign.

*all opinions and statements about this product are my own.  I was given product by Country Chic Paint to use for this review.
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  1. That is an amazing pink!!!! I love it!!!! I am going to goggle them right now to see where I can get this paint!!! I love your blog I am so thrilled to have found it!!

  2. Thank you so much for your review, Tricia! That dresser turned out SO beautiful!! You're so talented!!

  3. So very beautiful! I'm awaiting my own Country Chic Paint to do a couple pieces myself, so I loved reading your review :)

  4. Such a beautiful makeover! I have some on the way to test out and now I am extra excited!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  5. Wow! Absolutely beautiful. I like Southern Honey Workshop paint. The do their own too! You do an incredible job!


  6. I'm loving the pink! You are one talented woman!!

  7. What a beautiful piece!!! I have yet to try that kind of paint. Just might hafta put that on my list now. Please come share this on DIY Sunday Showcase, a party I cohost. It's open now, and the next party starts Saturday at 5. Hope to see ya there!!


  8. LOVE this piece! The pink and antique wax go perfectly together!

  9. This is gorgeous. And I love those paint can labels! I'm the the kind that would probably buy the paint simply because the label is so cool :) Never heard of this paint. Thanks for sharing.


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