The gift of time and talent...

I know it sound cliche, but giving the gift of your time and talents is a generous gift.  I have a lot of friends who have mad skills in one area or another and if they offered that up as a gift to me I would be so excited to receive it!

I paint.  A lot.  It's what I love and how I make my living.  It took me a long time to realize that not everyone could do what I do, or wanted to do what I do!  So this year I am going to give my mom  the gift of my talents.  My parents houses went through two floods due to hurricanes and a flash fire.  Her wood furniture went right through it too- and some of it is in need of a facelift/transformation.  The one piece you see as you walk in her door is a large credenza.  It is an ebony stained piece, very dark and very ornate.  My plan is to print up a card for my mom explaining how I would transform the piece with paint.  I am going to include a date on it for painting, because I know how my mom is about "asking" someone to do something for her even though I am offering to do it!

I'm thinking doing something like this:


And the card will look like this...

Ha!  Wrong year...takes me a while to get used to the idea of 2014!

So think about what you are good at, babysitting?, painting?, sewing?, cooking?  Give that as a gift, because although you may not think of what you do as a big deal- given as a gift someone else will!


  1. Patricia,
    This is such a beautiful and meaningful gift for your mom. I love this idea. This will make a great and special piece and memory for you and your mom. Love this you are a beautiful daughter to do this for your mom.

  2. Better make that January 31, 2014 ... hahaha

    1. LOL! Can you tell I am running on brain fumes ;)


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