What's in the stockings...

We have always made our kid's Christmas stockings a practical affair.  Deodorant, toothbrushes, shampoo, and yes, even underwear and socks.  When Travis and I were first married we really had very little money to spend on Christmas, so this tradition was born and just kind of stuck.  We have added things like makeup and cologne.  Nothing really fun or frilly, but the kids have always enjoyed going through them on Christmas morning just the same.

 Even the dog...

One thing I have always done is to put an orange in the toe of the stocking.  I actually heard my kids talking about it one year and they thought it was some German Christmas tradition.  You should have seen the look on their faces when I told them it was simply to round out the end of the toe and keep the stocking looking "full".

 I should have made up some story about oranges and Christmases of long ago...


  1. We always did the same thing with our kids when they were home. I did used to wrap each item that was in there though-and there was always a barrette for the girls to wear on Christmas Day! Great tradition. xo Diana

  2. Actually it is an English tradition ... oranges used to be exotic and most people only had them on Christmas.

    We always got one too in our stockings as a kid.

    1. Ha! I was being English traditional and didn't even know it- go me!

  3. We always got an orange to. Like Sharon said, my mom always claimed that they were hard to come by in the winter. I'm not sure I appreciated them as a kid but I did love the underwear. We do the same for our kids. We also include gum, Chap Stick and goodies like that.

    1. I love that. Simple things, but needed things :)

  4. Santa always put a plump
    naval orange in the toe of my
    stocking as a kid, too! However,
    he didn't do the same for my kids,
    as they ate clementines starting
    in November and it didn't seem as
    magical to them : )

    Now that my daughter is in college,
    both kids participate in "adult stockings"
    at our house. Each adult puts a little
    wrapped present for every other adult who is
    staying with us--grandparents, aunts
    and uncles, etc--in their stocking on
    Christmas Eve. We all open them together
    on Christmas morning before breakfast.
    They aren't expensive gifts, but usually
    funny, whimsical or practical.

    And of course, Gracie the dog gets a
    stocking, too : )

    Happy Monday,
    xo Suzanne

    1. It's funny to watch my dogs get excited about the stockings. Also, watching the kids get excited about the dogs getting excited, lol!

  5. Your decorations look wonderful. xoxo,Susie


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