Spooky signage...

One of my friends sent me this image from Pottery Barn:

I liked the sign, but wanted to personalize it a bit, so I made my own version:

I added dinner, because when The Walking Dead is on we do "Dead & Dinner" here, also we are not an "Inn" we are a cottage.  Est. 2010 is the year we moved in, but also the year that The Walking Dead came out.  I love signs with personal meaning ;)


  1. Do you take walk-ins or just those with reservations?

  2. Love it! Oh, and I can't wait for WD!! I love the idea of Dead and Dinner, but we have to watch the show well after the kids are in bed (6, 9, 18 months are just a wee bit young to watch that lol)

    1. Yes, definitely NOT for little kiddos! We have a house of teens- 12, 15, 18, & 21- so they are all cool with the gore ;)


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