Ever changing corner...

I have posted at least a dozen times about this little corner of our living room.  No matter what I do to it I am not happy with it.  You know that "it just doesn't feel right" thing?  Yeah, that.

So here it is as of two days ago.  This may be the longest it's stayed this way...

And right across from that little corner... these vintage house trim pieces I picked up at Round Top...

Don't get too attached...


  1. I think it is charming, Tricia! But then you are the one who has to love it!! You will get it to be just what you love soon...I just know it!!
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  2. Nothing stays long at my house either. But it's fun to move things around and see how they look.

  3. I understand totally that not right yet feeling. I think what you showed is really charming and sweet but I know you have to feel it. Have a wonderful Sunday.


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