Mystery solved...

I swear my life feels like a Nancy Drew mystery.  Today's episode:  The Case of the Moldy Shower.

It all started with me noticing that we had a bit of mold growing underneath the baseboard that backed up to the shower area along with a funny smell...

I know.  Lovely, but this is the gulf coast and mold is just a part of our everyday life.  Extreme temps and humidity is the perfect breeding ground for this stuff.

So many weeks after a warranty request to the builder they finally sent someone out.  The culprit?  Faulty backing board. Yep, apparently we are one of MANY homes that had this defective product used in it.  Hopefully others are noticing too, because the builder is not going out of their way to notify any homeowners who had homes built using the defective material.

Also, there was this:

Yeah, that's the shower seat.  NOT CAULKED.  Or was at some point, but separated horribly.  Hello, water entry point.   Pleas ignore the crazy awful looking grout.  Also an issue due to the cracking tiles, and grout that falls out sporadically.

We have two bathrooms- so both showers have to be ripped out and completely redone.  The woman who scheduled the appointment said that they would only need three house to finish the job.


"Um, we've done tile work- you need to let tile set overnight before grouting, so three hours is impossible."

"Oh", she responded, "Let me talk to a supervisor and check on that."

You do that, honey.

Then the contractor called me today and said, "Yeah, we are supposed to be replacing a few tiles today?"

"Yes, like ALL OF THEM", I said through gritted teeth.

Another call to a supervisor.

Fast forward to later today...

I've saved the best for last.  Here is a shot of the shower seat after all the tile was removed: Remember, this house is only three years old!

Now here is the absolutely insane part.  We wanted to "upgrade" our tile since the entire thing has to be retiled.  We started out with plain jane white square tiles, but wanted plain jane white subway tiles.   I know, we are feeling all Kardashian over here with the upgrade requests.

Taylor Morrison homes said, "No", but cannot give us a valid reason for not doing it.   We were more than willing to pay any extra cost for the tile, but it seems that the only thing extra they provide is BLACK MOLD.  Just when I think I can't come up with another reason to dislike TM.

If you need me I will be rocking back and forth in the corner while clutching my Albuterol inhaler...


  1. Oh My! I hope they sort this out and you get the bathroom you should have had all along.

    1. Thank you, I'm just glad they are ripping it all out. A huge mess, but I will be happy to breath again!

  2. Holy cow! What a mess. Hmmm I can understand why TM is not your favorite builder right now.
    Bella Wood is on my list. Their so called warranty is sorta ify.


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