Unintentional Halloween decor...

I've seen some super cute Halloween decor on blogs this month.

Here's my version of indoor Halloween decor: *warning: Gross pictures ahead!



Living room wall on the other side of the shower area....

My lovely 6 in baseboards...

This is the corner of our living room from the master bedroom hallway...

Living room corner where the entertainment center goes...

Where the bathroom bench seat sat in the shower area.  NOTE the lack of lining- just the seat and tile was over the foundation...

We are dealing with a bigger leak issue than we first thought.  Black mold, mildew, rotted 2x4's, and mushy drywall from the bathroom through to the connecting living room.  So, needless to say any home decor posts are going to be on hold for a bit.  I am up to my sinuses in dust and allergens.  I'm just hoping that Taylor Morrison Homes will swoop in and fix this quickly.  Now if I can just get them to allow me to upgrade our shower tile.  Even with our offering to pay any amount that goes over the standard tile we first used they are saying no.  Makes. Zero. Sense.  They advertise that customer satisfaction is their number one priority.  I have to disagree- I'm a customer, and I am not satisfied, and they seem to care not.

I'm hosting a wedding shower for a dear friend of mine on the 25th of October.

Maybe I'll just string up some plastic spiders and call it good for Halloween ;)


  1. I am so sorry that you have to go through this!!! Fingers crossed that the builder comes through...

  2. Yuck hope they start acting on their customer service promise.

  3. Happens to everybody sooner or later. Sorry, it's a pain! We had the same happen at both of our previous houses. We did hire someone to come in and assess the mold. We were pleased to find out it wasn't the dangerous "black mold" but just standard mold and mildew. You might find out the same and it does give a little piece of mind.

  4. We went through a similar issue (fortunately no mold) several years ago. Oh, what a hassle and there was no going to the builder since our house was built in 1928. It took several months to get everything back in order. Hope your problems are solved quickly.

  5. Hoping all is resolved soon and that the company supports you. That would freak me out a bit too.

  6. Thanks y'all....I am ready to get this fixed and move on with breathing normally!

  7. Nice close up photographs. I hope that a new company does the repairs, and it isn't just the builder having the original guys come back.

  8. Just a thought - what about your other bathrooms? Around the tub?

  9. The other bathroom has to be ripped out as well!! Thankfully one at a time, or we'd need a port a potty!!


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