A strong desire to travel: "a man consumed by wanderlust".

My dad and I used to travel a lot when I was a kid.  My mom didn't like to fly, and my dad owned his own business, so often I would tag along on those long plane rides to faraway places.  It was the one place where dad and I got to know each other through books, music, ideas and politics- all subjects that were covered as we went around the globe.

No one can weave a story like my dad can.  He has experienced so much and learned so many things along the way.  He is a self made man, having never finished high school, but went on to own a large corporation as well as sister companies.  Smart doesn't even begin to describe him- an avid reader of medical books, physics, science, and literature.  One of the most well read people I know.  The conversations on those planes were richer than any college lecture I ever received.   I didn't realize the education my dad was giving me at the time, but now that I'm in my 40's I appreciate every bit of it.

So now it's my kids turn- they get to sit on the plane with my dad and hear the stories, learn the lessons and laugh at the jokes.  The opportunity to see Australia is a generous one, but the gift of what they will learn from sitting with my dad is priceless.

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  1. I just read your post at From My Front Porch and I love your style. I love all the furniture and decorating items in your lovely home. Thanks so much for sharing with us.
    I am your newest follower - stop by and see my home and gardens.
    Have a fantastic week.

  2. Enjoy!!! What a beautiful story about traveling with your dad when you were a child and now your children get to experience what wonderful learning experiences with your dad will be. So sweet.

  3. That's wonderful! My father in law has taken trips with our boys. They talk alot about them.

  4. My dream holiday! When my babes are older (3,6,8) that is our first destination!

  5. What wonderful experiences you shared with your father and now your children will be getting the same education - priceless.


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