After 29 hours of traveling, it was lovely to walk through this door and be "home".  

Does anyone else notice that their house has a distinctive smell after being away from it?  As I walked through the door and took that big first breath it just felt like I'd inhaled everything I love about our cottage.  It smelled faintly of clorox (thanks to hubby cleaning before I got home),  lavender, cotton, puppies, and just love.  I have been inhaling deeply since last night!

After an eleven hour sleep I awoke to the faint humming of our newest addition to the family.  A Roomba.   When it comes to gift giving my hubby knows me well!

I've wanted one of these for a very long time, and I have to say after watching it take a few passes around the hardwood floors I am pretty impressed!  It's even able to get over our low pile rugs and slows down to clean the edges of the floors next to the baseboards.  It was an expensive purchase, but my time is valuable too ;)

I have so many stories of Australia to share,  both touching and funny, so I will share those over the next few days as I get readjusted to Texas time.  I also had an interesting conversation with my dad about where my business is going.  I may be using this sign sooner than I thought!

So much to share, but I am exhausted and neck deep in laundry!

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