Plates on the wall...

Not to be confused with snakes on a plane.

I told Anne's Australian boyfriend what I was doing and he said, "You Texans and your eating off the wall ways".  I guess he's right.  It is a bit odd...

I'm a huge fan of vertically hung artwork. As witnessed pretty much all over the cottage...

So yes, a pattern is going on here.  Onwards and upwards!

Today I decided to take these Delft plates and combine them with my lilypad plates to create a focal point on the bedroom wall going, where else?  Up.

Here they are on the bedroom wall.....I'm liking them grouped with the lilypad plates to give that lovely combination of blue and green that I love.

I added this little green bowl that belonged to my grandmother to my end table....
I've been walking past these plates for a few months now that were sadly, laying on my closet floor- but today divine inspiration struck and I am loving the new look!


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  1. Beautiful! I bet those plates will be all over Pinterest!

  2. Very pretty! Not your average wall arrangement! :)


  3. I love the color combo of the plates and how you hung them.
    Funny I never gave much thought to how I hang things on our walls but I'm just the opposite. I tend to hang things horizontally.After looking at how you hang things, I like vertically also. I guess it depends on what you are hanging. My favorite are the paper book page wreaths. Did you make them?.

    1. I did make the wreaths. I am sure that my parents are thrilled that my very expensive private college education resulted in my British Literature text being turned into book wreaths! I'm pretty sure I was never going to read Chaucer again ;)

  4. Very pretty! I like the blue with the green and the lily pad plates are very unusual.

  5. ooh, nice! I love blue and green together, too. and I like how unexpected the combination of elements is here :)

  6. So pretty! I love your inspiration photos and your plates (not snakes) look great. Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays. x


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