Reclaimed wood...a Giveaway!

My friend Melaine from My Sweet Savannah is doing an e-course, as part of
Jeanne Oliver's summer series, on using reclaimed wood to make frames and signs
and other wonderful things.  Melaine is one of the sweetest people I know in the blog-world and has built most of the lovely frames/signs in our cottage.  I am excited to be taking this course and finally channeling my inner construction diva ;)

Do you want to join me on a journey of erasing
our fear of power tools forever?  And maybe make
some cool things for ourselves too?

Melaine has generously agreed to giveaway FIVE spots
in her e-course to readers of Little Cottage on the Pond!

To enter the giveaway simply:

 Leave me a comment telling me the last power
tool you used {keep it clean ladies!}.

And if you are too impatient and would like to enroll in

Melaine's class for a reasonable $10 you can!

To register go to jeanneoliver.ning and register (this part is free).
You will find the mini course along the left hand side of the site under COURSES.
Click on the course you want to register for and pay.
If you don't see the course you are looking for click "view all" under the courses for a complete list of courses.

Sara & I will announce the FIVE winners on Wednesday!


  1. I love her frames and her blog! What a great giveaway! :)

    I would say the last powertool I used was hot glue gun! :) LOL Hopefully, Melaine's e-course would teach me how to use powertools! :)


  2. Lets see the last power tool I used was a cordless screw driver. Does that count?
    What a great give away. My husband would be forever grateful if I won. I have so many projects that I would like to complete but I need his help with the big power tools.I keep telling him I'm the planner and he is the executor but he's not liking it.

  3. Oh gracious... I would LOVE to learn to use all my hubby's tools, but I squeal like a little girl when I try! I used the nail gun once (with him holding it behind me like some 8th grader teaching a girl how to swing a bat!!) and wouldn't stop screaming! The last (and only) power tool I used was a power drill. :)

  4. Mine was my palm sander redoing bedroom furniture. Melaine's work is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for this awesome opportunity. J Norrell jbnorrell74@yahoo.com

  5. I would love to have the chance to win a spot in Melaine's course. I bought a saw and have been too chicken to try it. This is exactly what I need to get me started. Thanks!


  6. I think all of you should win! I'll pay for the 6th entry :) Congrats!!

  7. I bought a palm sander that has been in the box for ?6 months, other than that - maybe 8 years ago I used a tile saw! Ha! Would so love to take her class! Great motivation! Thanks for the chance! Christina

  8. Yayayay!! :) My email is jzkuban@yahoo.com

  9. The last power tool I used was a skill saw ...it was quit a few years ago. I was a forklift driver and had to make my own wooden boxes, for the glass pieces to be shipped out... and an air nail gun to put them together...

  10. The last two power tools that I have used were an skill saw and an air nail gun .. I was a Fork Lift Driver for a Glass Factory and had to build my own boxes to Ship out the tempered glass.


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