I am a member on a blogtalk page on FB.  An interesting discussion popped up about wether or not personal news or information should be shared on a DIY/decorating blog.  My answer was this:

I share personal stuff. I have four kids who are a huge part of my day to day and its not always about pretty stuff. To know me is to love me- good, bad and in between.I share personal stuff. I have four kids who are a huge part of my day to day and its not always about pretty stuff. To know me is to love me- good, bad and in between.

This blog is about our home improvements and diy experiences, but there is so much to me than our home.  I am a mom of four kids- four very different kids with different needs/abilities.  There is so much to say on that topic that I can't imagine not including that into my day to day blogging.   I pretty much follow the same rule on facebook- I have one page, my personal one.  I cannot imagine juggling two pages- though I did try under Little Cottage Designs....which I do update, but I'm not nearly as good about it as I could be.  I've only had one negative experience on FB with a fellow blogger who called me some pretty insensitive names because of my views on a subject, but other than that it hasn't been a problem.

That leads me to my second area of discussion today....where am I going?   My painting business is taking off and gives me flexibility and the enjoyment of being creative, but there is something more that I would love to be doing.  I'd love to have a shop.  There- I said it.  A small shop, painting classes, vintage finds, unique furniture pieces....I dream of that.  Little Cottage turning into a place where people can go just to learn new painting techniques or perhaps paint something for the first time.

I feel as if I am in a sort of awkward growth stage....things are changing, but I'm not sure where they are leading.   It will be interesting to see where it goes...


  1. Ohhhhhh, how I would LOVE to come to your someday shop and learn (from the best!) how to paint! :)

  2. I'd drive down to your area to learn something good. You know the topic about blogs, people really started out blogging freely and for fun. Now there seem to be lots of rules popping up and guidelines. I think partly because people are trying to make money...and that's fine. It bothers me though that someone somewhere is making rules. It takes the fun out of it to me. It's my blog and I will do what I want. Not to sound rude at all but that's my feeling. I love seeing kids and families - and isn't that why we have homes to blog about? Show your kids..they are precious.

    1. I so agree. I hear talk of SEO's or some such, stats, ping backs etc. and I think, "I just want to BLOG!" I don't care about all that other stuff. I'm sure I am breaking a bunch of rules every day ;)

  3. Oh yay for you!!! Once you say it out loud you are planting the seeds for your dreams to bloom all over the place! I share personal, too. I always think that to know me is to love me and to be indifferent to me is to avoid me like the plague! ;-)

    You have such a wonderful blog and spirit and you are so talented!

  4. Hi Tricia
    I'm with you. Blogs are what we make of them. The most interesting ones are the ones that give me an insight into the blogger and that includes insights to their families as well as their homes. I'm just so grateful to get the opportunity to meet so many of you thru your blogs.

  5. Well, I personally LOVE what you share about your life on the blog! I've always loved when diy type bloggers share real life (and really don't like it actually when they don't)...it makes them feel like real people with real lives and not perfectly fluffed pillows (that stay on the couch/bed all the time bc their kids apparently don't ever think they are primetime for throwing/smashing/jumping onto :))and prettiness all the time. And sweet Sarah makes my heart leap :) Ive been uber disconnected from web-life lately (needing some disconnect time) but I about just DIED when I caught up on your blog and saw that youre opening an etsy shop. Unfortunately I have to tell you that you will have difficulty keeping stock because Im gonna buy it ALLLLLLL!!! Cant wait!!!! :) And excited for you!!


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia