Against all odds...

I swear this new pup has a personal vendetta against rugs.  We lost our pricey rug, because she came to us without ever having been potty trained.  We tried to save it, but in the end the rug had to go...

We played taps and my husband cried.  Just a little.

"My name is Violet, you killed my father, prepare to die!"

Since we now have Violet potty trained we reintroduced old rug that was there in the first place.  Which was awkward because we had kicked it out to our bedroom.  Kinda like getting together with your ex only to realize once again why you broke up with him in the first place...

Nothing fancy, just sisal with some black trim.

"Hmmm....it just needs a little something..."

Then Violet decided that she didn't like the new/old rug.  So she puked on it.  I kid you not.

Phantom puke stains...
So that rug was retired.  Another round of taps.  Travis didn't even tear up this time...he's numb to it all.

Off to Lowe's to buy an indoor/outdoor rug.  Because at this point I was seriously entertaining the idea of Astroturf.

Then I remembered my colour scheme and nixed the Astroturf idea.  Instead we went with this outdoor rug.

The roll wrinkles will smooth out in time...

We are taking bets to see how long Violet allows this rug to exist.  Go ahead...place your bets!


  1. We have a 9 week old puppy who is doing great with potty training - which means we are trained to take her out all the time and praise her. We have wood and tile through the house so we don't have to worry about the carpet issue. I would hate to lose something beautiful like a rug.

    1. Yeah, it hurt. Especially since she chose the MOST expensive rug we owned and not the cheaper ones around the cottage. How do they know??

  2. Sigh... been there. We got our Vic 2.5 years ago. He was pretty easy to train but.... we still 'buried' a few pricey things.
    Good luck on the new rug.
    Hugs, Gee

  3. I feel your pain, we lost 2 rugs to our puppy last summer. We've yet to replace either of them! lol

    Slightly off topic, but I love the curtains in your living room, do you recall where they're from? Thanks!

    1. I made the curtains myself- the material was found at Goodwill, but came from Calico fabrics. Super cool find ;)

    2. Thanks so much! =)

  4. So Sorry about your rug.
    I also feel your pain. We have a four year old cockapoo. He was easy to train and only had a hand full of accidents but boy is he a pucker. For some reason he gets sick on our carpet instead of the hardwood floors. When we leave the house I have to block off rooms and make sure I shut all the doors. Lucky he's a cutie or I'm afraid my husband would have given him back.
    Good luck with your new rug.

  5. Ug! We have a multi-poo and we love her so very much. We adopted her two years ago and never having had a dog before it took us awhile to realize that whenever she disappeared from our sight she was up to something, and it wasn't good. But after just a little time she has learned to ask to go out and so all is good now. Best of luck!!!
    Thanks, Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  6. Oh my poor Violet!;) She is a cutie pie. We just have indoor outdoor rugs for that very reason. Two cats and a pup nothing else will do. Love the new rug!


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