Letter to Anne while at camp...

This just in....

As of yesterday around noon all socks had been located, washed and put away in their correct spot.  However, today's discovery under the book case led to the rescue of more socks.  Those socks were then washed and put away.  Reports from the reunion are positive and even a bit tearful.

All clothes are washed and hanging up in the closet.  They look at bit confused, but they seem happy in their new home.

Bed has been cleaned, washed, made and a new blanket (sweater material!) has been put on it.  The bed also looks a bit surprised by the turn of events, but is happy and loving it's fresh downy smell.

The vanity got a cleaning off with some very strong bleach type product.  Mirrors cleaned as well.  They didn't realize how clear the world looked.  This saved them the trouble of finding glasses to wear...

Shoes have been reunited with their mates.  All couples report a high level of satisfaction in their new quarters. 

Q-tips have been disposed of if used and put away if not used.  Random bits of chopped hair have been disposed of as well.  The room was a bit worried at one point because there were rumors of building another anne out of bits and pieces left laying about...

All dust bunnies have been cleared out.  The cat in the picture seems very pleased with this new arrangement.  

That is all from now.  Be warned that when you reenter the room it may smell odd to you.  It is called "clean"....try living with it for a bit- it will grow on you.



ps- there is food in the kitchen and in the refrigerator, so no need to store food under the bed...

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  1. Cute! This letter could be written to my son and he is 21! Pig pig piggy.


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