Portable photography backdrop kit...

I was recently asked if I would do a product review for The LA Shop. The LA Shop is an online store where one can purchase everything from home decorating items, pet supplies, toys, home decor, to tattoo kits! 

I chose the 8x10 ft Portable Photography Background Backdrop Stand Kit to review.   As a home improvement blogger and a painter I needed something that was lightweight, portable, and most importantly- easy enough for me to assemble on my own!

Shortly after placing my order I received my kit.  It came nicely packaged with it's own carrying case....but no instructions on how to assemble it!  I really thought I was in trouble at this point....

Turns out that there were no instructions, because really it was so easy that Violet could have put it together.

"What are you saying, exactly?"

Assembly. The screen itself only has 6 parts, which are the two stand supports and 4 bars which is the frame for a screen. So first I opened up the tri-pod pieces...

 The bar assembles in four pieces and then attaches to the tops of the tri-pod pieces...

The kit does not provide a backdrop, but I liked that because I could use my own.  Painter's drop cloths are my fabric of choice, both in decorating around my home and  as a neutral backdrop when photographing.  So I hung up the drop cloth and then attached it in the back of the rod with these handy dandy clips...

I decided just to take a few shots of staged pieces like I would if I were trying to photograph them to sell.

Overall, its worth its retail price, which is $69.99. And its a gem for any novice photographer to quickly set up and take down.   For a limited time LA Shop is giving my readers a 10% discount, just use the code BLOGGERS at checkout.  

Thank you to The LA Shop for allowing me to try out your product!


  1. You didn't want to try out one of the do it yourself tattoo kits?

  2. Beautifully done. Love the idea of your set up- xo Diana

    1. It was more comical watching us set up than I went into for the post. I was laughing so hard when at one point Travis was doing the limbo...


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