Remodel with a purpose...

We home improvement bloggers to a lot of remodeling and fluffing to photograph for our blogs.
I'm not saying that those remodels/redos/fluffing experiences aren't important- I totally believe in the power of a well put together space....but sometimes the ones with the most impact are the ones with a purpose.

Meet Cristian:

Cristian is 13 years old, deaf and has choclear implants.  About six months ago things started to go wrong.  An infection started which led to other complications and the implants had to be removed, but it didn't end there.  Tumors, chemo, more infections- this kid has been through the wringer.  She's also been in the hospital for over 85 days.  For an avid dancer, good student, and social butterfly this has been painful.  The amazing thing is Cristian's spirit- she is a fighter and one of the most optimistic people I know.   She goes through being poked, prodded and operated on without the slightest complaint.  She just soldiers through.

I've known Cristian for some time now.  Her younger brother was one of my third graders and her mom worked at my school.  Every morning Cristian would walk her brother down to my room and instead of just leaving she would stay and talk to me.  Every morning.  She probably has no idea what our  talks meant to me- it was the most amazing way to begin my day.  To see a little girl with a spirit of a fighter who had just had procedures done with her hearing implants (sometimes the day before) and just get up and go to school then to dance- well, it made me feel like I was a bit stronger just for knowing her.

Today Cristian spends most of her days confined to her hospital bed...

We are hoping that changes really soon once her infections clear up.  The implants are out- a sad reality of what needs to be for now, but we are hoping that at some point they can go back in.  Music to this tiny dancer is everything.

Today I will be working on a total redo of her room.  Here are the plans:

 Material and bedding...

Walls will be in Watery by Sherwin Williams and the doors will be in Iron Ore with a large silver star and Cristian's name on it.

Chandy's for bedroom and closet:

All of her furniture will be getting a makeover painting/sanding/staining by me, along with an updated bling look for her furniture hardware.

We are going to create a dedicated space for her duct tape collection, because it is seriously out of control!

I don't put much on her about donating to causes, but this is one where I know the family.  They are parents who encourage creativity in their children and support each other unconditionally.  If you have a few dollars or some spare change to give, you can go here to make a donation to Cristian's family.
If you are not able to give I totally understand!

Follow me today on Instagram and I will post updates of our redo progress!  I am looking forward to seeing the smile on this little girl's face when she gets home from the hospital :)


  1. This little Angel deserves to have a beautiful, peaceful, happy place to come home to! God Bless You, Cristian!

  2. What a wonderful way to celebrate this little girl. I'm sure it will be such a joy to her when she's back safe and sound in her home.

  3. Sending prayers to Christian and her family. A beautiful young girl. Wishing all of you the best. xoxo,Susie

  4. My heart goes out to this young. You see, I kind of know just a little of what she is going through. When I was just 22, what was supposed to be a simple operation to put tubes in one of my ears turned into finding out I had tumors in both of my ears. I ended up having seven surgeries on my ears within 4 years. It was hard and I am now severely hearing impaired in both ears. But, my advice to this little girl is to not give up. Keep positive, always smile as much as you can and know that it will get better, maybe not the same. Even as a partially deaf young adult I went back to college and graduated with dual degrees. The doctors thought I would never be able to hear again, never have hearing aides because of the problems that still exist to this day. But I never stopped being positive, I now have a hearing aide, I am married, have 3 children and I have had my own business and I now work part time, with the plans of someday being the manager. I will pray for her. Alaina

    1. Alaina- Thank you so much for sharing your story! So inspiring :) I will pass it on to Cristian.


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