Oh my aching back...

This past week/weekend was a particularly busy one for me.  I painted nine pieces of furniture in five days.  Oy.

Last night found me on the sofa after taking a handful of Advil, applying Icy/Hot & the heating pad.  Say hello to my 80's.

But look at some of what I painted....

We also had our annual swim party at my parent's house...

So today I am playing catch up on house stuff and meeting with a friend to discuss homeschool stuff, lots of stuff today ;)

Tomorrow I will be styling Cristian's room for her, and hopefully she will be out of the hospital this week to see her new room.   I will take pictures once it's all finished.

Tomorrow night I will be having my first ever craft night here at the cottage.  We will be making signs and I am so excited to be hosting this!  Melaine at My Sweet Savannah does them and they just look like so much fun :)

Happy Monday, Y'all!

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  1. wow - i need a nap! The furniture looks amazing! WHat a fun swim party!! The kids all look they have had a wonderful time!

    I am re-organizing my office and purging. So tedious!! But i am hanging in there! Yay to advil and icy hot!

  2. I can't even manage to finish one piece I've been working on! A craft night sounds heavenly!

  3. No pics of you in the pool?
    Furniture looks great - lots of work there! Hope the craft night worked out, and nobody was busted for public drunkenness (do they even do that in Texas?)

    1. Haha! Yes, public drunkeness abounds in Texas....

  4. 9 PIECES! Wow impressive.. I haven't been able to complete a picture frame let alone a piece of furniture.
    I hope I see pictures of the signs from Craft Night.
    I thought I heard a loud ruckess down 45S way. LOL


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