First ever Little Cottage craft night...

Craft night was last night.  We made signs...

Oh my goodness we had fun!

I was so proud of this lady- she was nervous about making a mistake, she watched me apply some wax and sand another sign and then all of the sudden she just relaxed and painted- to make this:

It was so much fun to watch everyone tap into their inner artist!

We will be having another craft night in August before I leave for Australia.  This was so much fun and I am thinking of other crafts we can get together to make!


  1. Australia? wow
    And how much wine was consumed? You mean that people had fun, created things, enjoyed each other's company and did it all clear headed? Amazing.

    1. We are talented that way :) Australia in mid- August. Can. Not. Wait!

  2. We do this in my family! We normally do it once per quarter and we call it Craftapalooza. We normally saddle it with a visit to Canton or to another craft show. Everybody brings enough supplies for all of the other people to complete the craft that she chose. It's SO fun. Love those signs! I may borrow that idea for my next one!

  3. Looks like great fun. What a wonderful trip to look forward to.

  4. WHAT fun and I love all your signs! You have a great trip ahead of you-I'm jealous! xo Diana

  5. Looks like everyone was very talented and had some fun too
    Wow Australia how fun.


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