Summer painting...

This week I am turning this:

Into this:

The top will be stripped, sanded and stained a walnut brown.  The body will be painted an ironstone colour in chalk paint, waxed and lightly distressed.  I love taking pieces and turning them into "Restoration Hardware" look pieces ;)

I also have several customer orders waiting for me up at the shop.  The temperatures are already in the 90's here, so painting in my workshop has to be early, early in the morning before the sun starts a blazin'.  Feeling hot, hot, hot...


  1. I have been working on furniture also but instead of hot I am working around rain and cool temperatures! Today I finally finished a piece in between the rain and then hot. Your piece looks like it will be wonderful when it is done! Dianntha

    1. It is beyond hot here already! I cannot imagine what August will feel like!

  2. Can't wait to see the final piece! I'm sure it will be beautiful!

  3. At least get a swamp cooler in there


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