The Crownwood house...

Our old home is back on the market after only three years.  We really enjoyed living there and the very open floorplan was one of my favourites.  I thought y'all might like to see it:

The new owner added lots of colour to the home.  We pretty much stuck with our black/cream/brown scheme, but I am loving the pops of colour the new owner put in!


  1. Isn't it interesting to see how another family decorates your home once they live there. I don't think we often get to see what the new people have done with our homes. I like the pops of color they have. It looks lovely.
    Thanks, Patty

    1. I know! She did a wonderful job putting her own style into it. I wish I was that brave with colour!

  2. It still has touches of you all over it!

  3. You former home is really nice.
    The people who bought our home 2 years ago kept all my colors and painting techniques but have very contemporary and modern furniture. We were always rustic except in the upstairs bedrooms but it does look different.

    Thanks for sharing


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia