Where I shop...

I get asked a lot by friends where I find things for my cottage.  I'd like to say that I shop all over, but truth be told I really have a few staple places, and apart from things I may pick up while traveling- I stick to those few spots.

One of the place I love to shop is a little store called Attic Junk.

Meet the owners, Erin & Rose:

Their shop is as lovely and eclectic as they are.  I love meeting other people who find the beauty in vintage items.  It says a lot about a person and how they live their lives.

Come on in and see what I mean...

One of my favourite finds from Attic Dust!

For those of you in Texas, Attic Dust will be out at Warrenton Antiques week March 22nd-April 7th in the Bar W field, row B.  Their shop is located in League City at 447 Highway 3 South.

Stop by and tell them Tricia sent you ;)


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia