World Down Syndrome Day...

Twenty one years ago next month my life was forever changed.  Sara came into this world and showed me that sometimes "perfect" comes in different packages.  Her extra chromosome has been my compass these past years- something that I needed.  She was a gift intended for me.  

Today is World Down Syndrome day.  A day to celebrate the value, acceptance, and inclusion of people with Down Syndrome- something we should all do every day.   I have seen the difference that it has made in Sara's life to be a part of a community, accepted by her peers, and believed in by her teachers and family.  When Sara was born I was told that she would never walk or talk, that she wouldn't be able to attend public school, and that the back of her head would flatten out.  I didn't believe them.  Instead I worked with Sara by enrolling her in E.C.I, taught her sign language, put her into 'regular' Mother's Day Out programs and by golly she did attend public school.

Sara is now a full grown woman who has a wicked sense of humor, reads and writes at a third grade level, attends school, swims and bowls for Special Olympics, hangs out with her friends, has a boyfriend, and is loved and accepted by her friends and family.  Oh, and the back of her head?  As round as the bowling ball she can roll down an alley.  Her life so far has been a lot of strikes ;)

So as you go through your day today be mindful of how you value, accept and include others.  While you are at it take the pledge to end the r word.  That word is hurtful to those with special needs and needs to be eradicated from our vocabulary.  

*ALL photos by the talented Brittany Rae!


  1. Love ya Sara. I cant believe jow much you have grown in the 11 years that we have known ya!!

  2. Celebrate the joy she brings to you and your family, not only today but everyday! From the looks of it she seems to have an amazing personality and quite a funny bone too..she is beautiful and so blessed to have you for her Mom and advocate.


  3. I love your pictures. Your daughter looks like so much fun. I love your statement.

  4. What a luvly post! And pictures!A pretty girl with joy for life!
    Enjoy each life moment for what it is... live, laugh, luv. It is too fleeting a journey to miss any part of it.
    Hugs, Gee

  5. Beautifully said! An amazing post for an amazing girl!! Love you Sara!!

  6. Thank you all for your sweet comments! Sara had a fabulous day celebrating that little extra something that makes her super extra special :)

  7. this is a beautiful post. A special daughter and a special mom =)

  8. Beautiful post, beautiful daughter, beautiful mom. I am going to get my 12 year old twins so they can read your post as well!! I hope Sara had a wonderful birthday!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I love that you are sharing :)

  9. Awesome post. Thanks for sharing your story. Sara isn't shy obviously. LOL She loves the camera and it loves her.


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