Jessica over at I Spy....The Perfect Piece asked me if I could do a herringbone pattern on an armoire I painted for her.

I think I said something like, "Ummmm....".

First of all I had to remind myself what herringbone looked like.  Then I had to think about how to go about painting that pattern on wood.

Then I worried that Jessica had more faith in me as a painter than I did.  

I started with a lot of measuring and marking...
Then I painted the darker colour on alternating "bricks".

Then painted the opposite "bricks" white.

Then I went back in and outlined each "brick" with black.
This gives an overall view of the colour scheme.

This project still needs waxing and some distressing.  I will post a picture of it when it's all finished.  I sent a picture to Jessica and she loves it- so relieved!


  1. Wow! I am impressed! That took some time! It looks beautiful! Life to the full, Melissa


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia