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I'm not crafty.

I know that is a sin in the blog world- but it's not a skill I have, and for the sake of honesty and putting it all out there I'm just letting you know.

So if this ends up on Pinterest and some innocent person attempts it and gets their fingers stuck to moss and the glue gun simultaneously- well, I warned you.

Today I made a moss covered letter.  Because I saw it on another blog, or maybe it was Pinterest...and for a few fleeting moments I envisioned one of these moss covered beauties hanging on my own cottage front door.  I forgot that I was craft challenged, that the last time I attempted anything with a glue gun I got the entire gun stuck in my hair (don't ask), that I had not inherited the craft gene.

So I bought this...

As soon as I got home with my bag of goodies, Travis asked me what I was up to.

"I'm going to do a craft!", I exclaimed proudly.

To which he looked at me and I am pretty sure that a play by play of all my other failed craft attempts flashed before him- with the end frame being a picture of me with a glue gun stuck to my hair.

"No, really- this time it's going to be different.  I read blogs and I'm on Pinterest!  I can do this- all by myself!", I told him- more for my own self confidence than for his need to know status.

Step One:  Remove tag from wooden letter.  Crap.  It was screwed into the wood.  Who does this to attach a tag?  Wouldn't staples be sufficient?  The screws seemed like overkill, but feeling confident I grabbed my screwdriver and attempted to remove the two screws.

I gave it quite an attempt before I broke down and asked Travis for help.  In my defense, I did just have hand surgery three weeks ago...

Step Two: Plug in the glue gun.  At this point I had to laugh.  Packing heat?   Seriously, if a zombie apocalypse occurs I am not packing the glue gun.  I'm certainly not going to run out and think I can take on the world with it.

Step Three:  Unroll the green mossy stuff.  This particular brand had netting on the back, so it came in one mossy green sheet.  It also sheds- so if you have a doxie or small children you may want to have the vacuum out during this project.  Also if you are OCD like me and anything messy, or tactile, or outdoorsy sends you into a panic attack.  Don't even ask me if I go camping.

Step Four:  Lay the letter onto the mossy grass (or grassy moss) and trim around the letter.

Step Five:  Put some glue on the wood letter and lay the green mossy stuff over it.

Step Six:  While waiting for the glue to dry read the newspaper ads that the green mossy stuff came wrapped up in.  Varicose veins must be a huge problem in California, because this page had at least three ads for varicose vein treatment.

Recruited husband to hold down the green mossy stuff so that I could photograph this step.

 Step Seven:  Trim off excess green mossy stuff.  Realize that you probably should have wrapped the wood piece in green mossy stuff, but shrug shoulders and soldier on with your crafty self!  You are feeling really confident in your abilities until you realize that you missed a corner of the 'G'.  Grab random green mossy piece and glue it to the bald spot.

Step Eight:  Take out your super cute burlap with a hint of French blue chevron ribbon.  Cut two pieces and staple them to the back of your letter so that you can tie it on to whatever you want to tie it on to.

 Step Nine:  After tying it on to whatever you want to tie it on to, stand back and feel pretty proud of yourself.  After all if you made it this far you probably didn't get the glue gun stuck in your hair!

Step Ten:  Put your moss covered crafty project how to tutorial on your blog.  Embrace your non-craftyness!


  1. Too cute!! Great job for someone craft challenged!

  2. You did it!! And it is stinkin cute! See...all that blog reading and Pinterest surfing has rubbed off. Now I would be a happy girl if you took your pretty little moss letter over to my party and showed if off ;) It's live right now at Green Willow Pond. Have a great week!


  3. Oh your moss covered letter is too cute and you did a great job all on your own.
    I have always thought as myself as a crafty person but my husband has the same reaction as your does when I return from the craft store with hopes that my project turns out. Turns out I'm craft challenged and he ends up helping me complete my projects. But your moss covered letter looks like I may just be able to complete it all on my own.

  4. This seems pretty crafty to me. Way to go! On an unrelated note, I was looking at your home tour and noticed the Gruene Hall sign. Do you live in Texas? I love it. Did you make it?

    Alyssa @ The Decorating Duchess

    1. I do live in Texas! We are 1/2 way between Galveston and Houston....but visit Gruene whenever we can. The super talented Melaine of My Sweet Savannah made the sign for us :)

    2. I love it! I'm in San Antonio and we go to Gruene all the time. I'm going to try it if you don't mind. it won't be as good as yours I'm sure but I know it will make me smile every time I see it anyway just like yours did.


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