Dear Herb...

Dear Herb,

   Hello Parsley, Cilantro, and Sweet Basil!  Welcome to my kitchen window sill.  You'll find that it gets plenty of afternoon Texas sun and the humidity is to die for.  (No really, I would not suggest venturing outside during the month of August.  July and September are iffy as well.)

 I am just going to throw this out there and let you know that none of the other herbs before you survived with me.  I realize this is risky to share such information when our cohabitation situation is still relatively new, but I believe in honesty- so there it is.

I will really try this time though.  I will check the moistness of your soil, keep the doxie from chewing off all of your leaves, and I will even throw in the occasional squirt of fertilizer.

I've changed- I will not let you down.

At least not intentionally.


PS- The herbs have asked that if any of you have some herb growing survival tips they would love for me to hear them!


  1. Oh your pots are so cute. :) No advice from me, I can not keep them alive in the house. I've wondered if that's some big gardening myth...the pot thing.

  2. Where did you those cute pots? Good luck!

  3. Well....I grow mine outside and they thrive in Ohio weather a lot different than Texas.

  4. We just stick them out in the back, with a drip on a timer.

  5. Too cute! My kitchen window is not convenient for such lovelies! Although I "had" a small herb garden out back, only Rosemary seems to survive! Especially during our summer heat waves!

  6. Just found your blog. Love it. Today's post is on herbs too... Great minds think alike. I live in Texas as well.

  7. Also, that looks like chalk paint on the pots? Love!

  8. I love seeing plants on a window sill. I think they will do really well there, Tricia! Love those cute pots! :)


  9. Having only a few years ago lived in Katy Texas, I so hear you on the humidity... heat too! Great idea to grow the herbs in the window... once my cat passes on, I may do so... have a feeling til then I would hear a nightly crash and loads of dirt in the morning would be in the sink. Best of luck to you .. hope they do well. <3 your blog Fondly from the little cottage on the busy corner to your little cottage on the pond!

  10. This looks beautiful :)

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  11. I just think that herbs in pots are like clean children's bedrooms, a nice idea but short lived. To me, herbs are like weeds almost, they need very little care but I think they do need to be outside in the dirt and sunshine. Italian/Mediterranean herbs like basil, oregano, etc. need less water than flowers or veg. Parsley and thyme need more water and a little shade. You can grow a healthy cilantro patch from coriander seed. Watch out for mint, it will completely take over, grow it in a half buried terra cotta pot.

    1. I have tried outside-in pots and in the ground. Failed. You are so right about the mint! It is still going strong after the others died off.


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