Truncated posts and watermarking pictures...

I've been reading a lot lately on how some "scrapers" are stealing posts and removing watermarks from photos to use as their own.  Sad that people would even think that way, but since they do I think it's important to protect what is yours.

Here is the Wikepedia definition of a scraper:  Blog scraping is the process of scanning through a large number of blogs, usually daily, searching for and copying content. This process is conducted through automated software. The software and the individuals who run the software are sometimes referred to as blog scrapers.
Scraping is copying a blog that is not owned by the individual initiating the scraping process. If the material is copyrighted it is considered copyright infringement, unless there is a license relaxing the copyright. The scraped content is often used on spam blogs or splogs.

The House of Smith's gives a quick and easy tutorial on how to truncate posts.  I also purchased a watermarking software (that I have yet to really figure out) here.

I guess I'm a bit naive.  I really thought that by adding the cottage copyright and asking people not to "borrow" my words or images that they would just not do it.  Good thing I don't live in the big city ; o )

Splog.   I had to laugh on that one.  My mom still slips up and calls my blog a blob.


  1. I had my blog splogged a few years ago. I wouldn't have minded except there were a lot of photos of my kids on there - and some of the sites that stole my pictures were nasty XXX. There is something with my web host that is called Hotlink Protection in my cpanel. Once enabled, at least your photos cannot be linked and copied to those scraper websites. I do not know if other blog programs or web servers have the same thing, but it has been great to at least maintain the privacy of my kids' photos on nasty websites.

  2. Tammom- Good to know! Do you use Wordpress or Blogger? Wondering if Blogger has that option, or do I need to pay to add it on?

  3. Mine is WordPress but it's not an option (that I know of) with the blog software, it's part of my web hosting.

  4. I know, isn't it infuriating? I noticed mine was being scraped just the other day for the first time.

    After I got off my high horse about it, I actually felt a teeny bit flattered that they'd bother!! ;-)

    Still very annoying though!

    apparently you can complain to GoogleAds if the scraper is using Adsense to make money form your content.



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