To have a headboard....or no headboard? That is the question.

For years we had a headboard/footboard on our bed.  It was a sleigh bed and I had my cousin create some simple slipcovers for it.  At some point I decided to remove the footboard...

Then one day I upped a took the whole thing apart.  Sold the sleigh bed in a garage sale and never replaced it with anything.

I was thinking about making a tufted fabric headboard....but now that I've lived with it for a while I am thinking that I will keep it this way. : o )  *Travis is breathing a sigh of relief on that one!

What are your preferences for headboards?  Yes, no, fabric, wood, slipcovered?


  1. I've always liked having a headboard. Of course, our bed is a big 4 post model which I love. Probably not what you're going for! I'm also a big fan of wood over fabric but that's just me.

  2. I love the four poster rice beds. One of my fav looks. I've thought about investing in one....gotta get the hubby on board for that purchase ;o )

  3. Hi! I am wondering about the same thing...whether to select a bed frame that has a headboard/footboard or not..Do you also have a box spring - are they sitting on a metal frame or..?


  4. Anne- Ours just sits on a frame. I've thought about finding an old door to lay horizontally on the wall and act as a headboard, but really I am liking it as is : o )


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia