To do...

My list of to-do's is a mile long this weekend. School starts on Monday so the house has to be cleaned, dry cleaning dropped off and picked up, nails done, the last bit of school shopping (for me!) finished- and don't even get me started on the little classroom things I need to have complete before Monday.

Add this to the fact that the builder sent it's people out yesterday to "repair" some things and instead ended up scratching my new wood floors in the kitchen, that I was t-boned last week in my Smart Car and need to get that into the shop, and the breast center called me to come back in to investigate a suspicious spot on my right breast....well, it's a bit overwhelming.

If I'm absent for a little while you'll know why!

Y'all have a great back to school week!


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  2. Good luck! I hope everything turns out fine, I'm sure it will. Call if you need anything!

  3. I'm sure you'll get all your to-do's done. Just remember to take mindful moments and to ask others to help.

    Kiki Nakita.

  4. Kiki- I really am bad about that!

  5. Boy you guys start early! School doesn't start here until 2 weeks from Wednesday. It's still summer vacation.

    Glad you're ok after the accident. Been praying for you for good medical news.

  6. I hope some good things happen as well.

  7. why does your live traffic feed think I am an Essex girl? Gulp! I don't own white stilettos..

  8. Oh dear.

    I was so sorry to read about your Smart car's injury on FB. That made me so sad.

    Also, my prayers are with you re: your breast. I know that sounds weird, but you know what I mean. (hugs)


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia