Bedroom Mini-Makeover...

I've been less than happy with my bedroom for, let's see for...ever. It's never felt like a relaxing place to me, and let's not get all Freudian about it, my marriage is fine-thank-you-very-much. I just envisioned something softer than all that hard wood. Again, let's not get Freudian.

So my fabulous cousin Carolyn came up with a super inexpensive, super easy (for her!) solution. Slipcovers. Presto! Instant softness! Don't even get me started on the upholstery jute pillow...and as we speak she is working on some tags for my laundry room baskets from the same jute webbing. The best part of all this is that she is opening up her very own custom Etsy shop called Sweet Tea & Linen. I strongly encourage all of you to go take a look-see, because really as far as people go- my cousin Carolyn, along with her mad sewing skillz is just a good egg.

The ottoman came from Queen of Tarte, but that is a whole other story involving a bus depot in a shady part of town, homeless people and a near mugging.

*Sorry about the pictures, the only thing photo-able in this house that will cooperate with Mr.MAC is my Blackberry,so the pictures are just so-so.


  1. It looks so good! I LOVE the ottoman!! I know what you mean about the bus depot. I had to go to the main station in Houston once..felt like I needed to bathe in bleach when I got home. Off to work on the tags! Thank you for the shout out!You are FABULOUS!!!

  2. Gorgeous!
    I will check out Carolyn's shop!

  3. Carolyn- That's exactly how I felt!! Can't wait to see the tags!!

    B- She is something else! So talented!

  4. According to my seven year old nephew, those people are living underneath the freeway because they didn't go to college. Until he's old enough to realize most of them are bat-sh*t crazy, we've decided not to tell him any different.

    Oh, and the room looks great.

  5. It looks lovely... but you know how I love freudian. :P

  6. Mac and Blackberry? Can't you use your Iphone camera?

    How is the house sale going?

  7. MC- Let him think that for as long as possible...

    Jammie- LOL. And I need to call you back one day when I come up for air...

    Joe- Yeah, no iphone here. Just a blackberry that Hunter calls a "blueberry". House sale is not so going. Slow, slow, slow.

  8. Looks very nice! A comfy bedroom is a must have.

  9. Vince- I crawl into that bed and pass out. Every.Night.

    Maybe I need one of those massage table things...


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