An upgrade...

Travis and I went out yesterday to the wine festival. Where we partook (if that is even a real word) in the drinking of much wine. Well, I drank the wine- Travis is a beer-only guy. So naturally after the festival the next logical thing for us to do was to go shopping at an electronics store. Buzzed.

We came home with a television upgrade. A brand new 47" LG LED/LCD flat-screen with surround sound.

Hi. Because we are such television watchers and we have only ever bought one television set since we got married. Almost ten years ago.

I have to admit though, even totally sober it is pretty cool.


  1. Sweet!

    Wine and indulgent, unnecessary shopping?
    Luck girl! :)

  2. Sounds like fun to me. We love night time tv and we watch it a lot as a family so we don't mind spending money on Directv (and NFL sports package:) and nice HD tv's. Glad you go a new one.

  3. Bigger is always better, right?

    Shiny new TV's with extra good picture is always nice to get.

  4. 'Buzz Shopping' is a dangerous sport. Congrats on the new TV, though. :)

  5. We've bought one, count it, one in our 15 year marriage. The rest are hand me downs. Kid. You. Not. Damn nice hand me downs tv's if you ask me.


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