It only took a few days for me to put school behind me and begin the lazy, reading, sleeping in days of summer. I even had a moment of insanity and cooked dinner Friday night. After a while I began to remember how all the appliances worked and where I kept my cooking utensils. Like riding a bike.

Me- "Honey, could you bring home some strawberries and whipped cream for tonight?"

Travis- "OH hell yeah I could!"

Poor thing. Never occurred to him that it was for the cheesecake I had made, or that he would walk in and find that I had invited his parents over for dinner. (I know, more insanity on my part, but we had a nice time.)

Jammie J- Just for you: a picture of my bedroom closet settee. It belonged to a crazy, mean, non-related, but related by marriage Aunt of mine who SOLD it to me for $300 even though she is richer than Rockefeller. I paid it off each month (I was a college student at the time) and then a few years ago I had it recovered using a matelasse bedspread that I had. The labor was expensive to have it recovered, but since the material was FREE I went ahead and did it. Now it sits in my closet and we sit on it to put on our shoes in the morning.

Money well spent!


  1. Somehow I just knew there was an interesting story behind your settee. 'Tis why I asked for a picture, thank you for indulging me. It's absolutely gorgeous. :) And the story is wonderful, because it means there's meaning to the couch. :)

    I totally laughed out loud at the way you played the strawberries and whip cream... hehehe and then the shock of his PARENTS being over instead. I'm sure he had romantic thoughts in his mind... lol still laughing...

  2. Jammie J- Poor guy...he's still not quite over that one. I still owe him for the laundry room too!

  3. I want the settee. I have no where to put it, but I want it.

  4. Nanner Peach- I have actually thought about getting rid of it. It's big for the closet and not my style anywhere else in the house. OK, so now you would have to road trip to Texas and haul a trailer? : )


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