Almost done...no *bull!

Travis is working fast and furiously on finishing the laundry room re-do. Today all of the bead-board ceiling went up, and tomorrow the canned lights will go in. I found the cutest little starfish lamp at Homegoods to go on top of the folding table.

Finally, a room I will want to be in to do our dirty work!

*actual photo of Travis' bull/Texas tattoo. SWOON!


  1. Wow, now that is an organized and awsome laundry room, i am bit jealous over here! :) Hope you are having a good Saturday.

  2. Tara- Thanks! I am so ready to begin painting.

  3. Holy .... cow.


    MAN this is awsome Trish, I can't wait to see it finished, no doubt it will be magazine perfect!

    How'd he get that beadboard up, did he have help? On the ceiling I mean...I would love to do that here, we have that cottage cheese crap.

  4. Looks awesome. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your place.

  5. Milkmaid- Our 14 year old son gave him a hand : ) Now I want ALL the ceilings in bead board...Travis gave me the stink eye over that!

    Kami- Thanks, it's starting to come together.

  6. Had me worried that was yours at the start. I am impressed with his woodworking abilities.

  7. Joeinvegas- The man has mad skillz : ) And no, my tattoo is on my lower back, state of Texas with a rope twisting around it.


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