This & that...

Well hello there.

I've been spotty about posting at best.  Just so many things going on over here that I have not had the time to write. Or take pictures.  Or...  you get the idea.

Junk Hippy went very well.  I sold most of my large pieces of furniture.  This pink dresser sold in the first ten minutes!  It was painted in Country Chic Paint in Vintage Cupcake...

I also got to meet one of my blog readers!  What a lovely experience to meet face to face with someone who was so kind with her words :)  

Sara is busy with social engagements this month.  Lots of date nights, and a Mardi Gras dance that she went to in Galveston with her boyfriend, William.

I am working on a few new things and was chosen to be on the Country Chic Paint 2014 Blogger Squad!  So very excited to be working with this company and some amazing bloggers :)

My first project is sitting out in the garage....but it will have to wait for a bit since I am going in for surgery on Monday.  Yep.  Monday.  I know I will be down for at least a week, but I am hoping to get back to painting soon after.

I bought this to keep me company, and if you are a huge Downton fan like I am, I highly recommend it.  I love mixing non-fiction informational reads with historical fiction pieces to get a better understanding of the time period.  It's very well written and chock full of insight as to how these large manors were run.

I'm teaching today at the University, so I will leave you with this...

I've had so many lovely opportunities come my way and have enjoyed encouraging others to pursue what makes their heart happy.  Thanks for reading and encouraging me as well :)


  1. You have been a busy girl! That books looks fabulous and right up my alley. Adding it to my reading list-thanks!


  2. Good Luck with the surgery!! Rest as much as you can, don't do to much to soon!
    The book looks great (huge Downton fan here!) I'll be picking it up today. My Barnes & Noble has a whole table dedicated to books that are about or relate to Downton Abbey. I secretly wish I were British. :-)
    Happy Wednesday!

  3. So glad I found your blog...love it! Thank you for INSPIRING all of us readers! I wish you much success with your surgery and a speedy recovery. And yes...I am a Downton fan as well....heading to Barnes and Noble to get that book :) Something has to hold me over until Downton returns next January. I must say, I think it would be more fun to be the "downstairs" help! I find them much more interesting!

    God Bless,


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia