"That corner needs some light", my husband said one rainy afternoon.

You don't have to tell me twice to go purchase a lamp.  I was on it like wet on water.   The corner would only work with a standing floor lamp, so I set out on my quest.  Can you believe I have never purchased or even owned a floor lamp?  Nope, not one.

Floor lamps are pricey, y'all!  I checked out some of my fav sites like Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs, but both were more expensive than what I wanted to spend.  A trip to HomeGoods was in order.

Have I mentioned how much I love HomeGoods?  Oh, and lamps, have I mentioned how much I really, really love lamps?  I do.  I really love them.

As luck would have it, they had just the type of lamp I was looking for- and in a pretty burnished brass!

(I should also tell you that I drive a Mini-Cooper, but hubby keeps telling me to get a truck.  I love driving my itty bitty car and the challenge of making large purchases and coming up with creative ways to drive home with them keeps me on my toes.)

I carefully placed the lamp to fit between myself and Sara and started out on the drive home.  At one point I looked in my rearview mirror to witness my 12 year old son with the lampshade on his head.  I had asked him to hold it and keep it from getting squished.  12 year old problem solving at it's best.

Ooooh shiny!  and bright!
I am really liking how it picks up the metals in the kitchen lamp, back entry fixture and the sign that hangs in our kitchen.  Copper/brass vibes abound!

Also, it is not too tall or overtaking of that little corner...

So that's my illuminating moment for this week.  What items do you tend to buy lots of for your home and where are your favourite places to find them?


  1. That lamp is perfect and I love to look at HomeGoods for lamps.

  2. You are so funny! And I LOVE the lamp!

  3. I love the lamp and Home goods is one of my favorite stores to shop.
    lately I have been buying dressers. I find them at my local Re-Store and at really good prices. I love to paint and re-purpose them. In the last six months I have bought three. I put one in our home office and my most recent one I painted is in my husbands office. I love how they turned out.

  4. What a great Home Goods find, you found one gorgeous lamp!


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