Whitewashed finish...

Last week I did a job for a client who wanted a to take her old yellow pine furniture and repurpose it for her guest room.   She wanted a grey-ish look to it, so we opted to use Behr pencil point grey as a base coat and then whitewash over it.  

This process is pretty simple- but is somewhat slow and methodical- moving too quickly with the whitewash can make the piece look like a white/muddy mess!  

After two coats of the pencil point, I took plain white paint and mixed it with water in a one to three ratio.  Then I brushed on a coat of the white over the grey, waited about ten seconds, and wiped it off with a clean rag.  I did this for the entire piece and the finish is lovely!
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  1. Wouldn't fit my house, but I do like it - very nice finish

  2. That turned out really great, Tricia! I just love it...great final finished piece! xo Diana

  3. Mine would be the white muddy mess if I tried to do it. LOL
    Looks nice


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia