Living with open shelving...

I adore open shelving.  I've had it in my past two houses and never tired of it, but the reality of living with open shelving may not make it the best option for everyone.

Clutter.  Yeah, you really can't have it and expect open shelving to look nice.  I have to go through and edit my shelves now and then, because I tend to want to display it all and just add one more little thing... and before you know it I have Open Shelving:  The Hoarders Edition.

Also, dusting.  Yes, there is dust- it's open shelving, but honestly, I've seen the insides of cabinets that hold quite a bit of dust and dirt too, so I am not off put by the dust.  I simply clean more often ;)

The secrets to maintaining an organized neat look?   Corralling.  This is Texas, and if there is one thing I took away from many years of rodeo going, it was the importance of keeping things corralled.  My frequently used items reside in a vintage tray that I keep by the stove.  That little rooster dish?  Sea salt. Handy, and right by the stove where I need it.  The wine corks?  I don't necessarily need them, but they found their way into the corral.  Yee-haw for wine ;)

Open shelving can be a little much for the eye, so I like to keep similar colours on my shelves.  Oh, who am I kidding?  Pretty much everything I own (even the stuff tucked out of sight!) is in the black & cream colour family.  It makes it so easy for me to swap items out, and also to add items in!  Hoarder alert...

So there you have it, my little take on living with open shelving.


  1. What a beautiful kitchen - oh and I don't see any dust, just pretty dishes!

  2. When I moved into this 1010 square foot home built in 1934 in late 2011, I had had my daughter, who bought it and I rent from her, take off the top cabinet doors in my kitchen. It is a tiny kitchen, with very little counter space. I had black laminate counters put on. The shelves are quite long, not your typical builder grade. I love the open shelving. First, I am very neat and compulsive about lining everything up. And, I live alone and there's no one to mess it up!

  3. I too live with open shelving. No more dusty than closed cabinetry I think. I have had both. But then, I am a rather neat person... so I clean a lot. Agreed it is not for every one, but this is our 2nd home without doors on some of the cabinets. Luv it!

  4. Wow, beautiful! A great way to display such nice dishes. I stayed in a place with open shelving for my honeymoon, and there was quite a bit of dust - but it was a very old cottage, and dusty everywhere. And it looked so nice and rustic I think I'd be willing to battle the dust! Thanks for your pictures :)


  5. It does help make your kitchen unique

  6. Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful! I've been wanting to remove a cabinet and add open shelving for my dishes, and after seeing your kitchen, it's on my to do list. Just lovely.

    Visiting from Cozy Little House.

  7. LOVE your backsplash in your kitchen! Do you mind sharing the name of the tile and where you got it? I have that same granite countertop and am currently shopping for a backsplash! This is exactly the look I'm going for!! It's beautiful!

  8. I actually think open shelves are easier to keep clean. No dark corners for the dirt to hide in. It's easier to see what needs to be cleaned when things aren't hidden behind doors. Unfortunately, I don't have enough storage space for the things I don't want to be seen to justify getting rid of my upper cabinet doors to make open shelving.

  9. I think open shelves are easier to keep clean. No dark corners for dirt to hide in. You can see what needs to be cleaned without opening doors. Unfortunately, I don't have enough storage space for the items I don't want seen to get rid of the doors on my upper cabinets to create open shelving.


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia