Lamps, Lanterns & paint...

So last night we took this architectural remnant....

And added a light kit to the top to make this...

I'm loving it as a lamp in our bedroom!  I have another salvage piece that I am going to turn into a lamp as well...

More on that later today!

Also...starting the prep work on the library ceiling.  I will be using a brand new paint from Divine Color Creamy Wall Coatings- Divine Macaw...

Once the paint is dry we can hang up the ginormous lantern...

And the angels will weep, because seriously, this has been the longest to get started project in the history of our little cottage!


  1. Your lamp is beautiful! What a fantastic idea. I am loving the paint color you chose, I haven't hear of this line before. The ceiling will be lovely!


    1. Brand new line- I am testing it out, then writing a review for the company :)

  2. I love how the lamp turned out. Did you use a kit from a home improvement store and is the cord just running down the back of the lamp? I cant wait to try installing a kit on some of my salvaged pieces.

    1. Yes, we used a kit, and yes- it had to go from the top. The piece was too spilt to risk drilling down the inside of it for the cord.

  3. Hello beautiful lamp! Can't wait to see your painting project.


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia