Father's Day...

My dad has always been there for me.  I know that sounds so cliche, but really- he drove miles in a rented truck to come get me out of an abusive marriage, rescue me from going down a bad road in college, and even pulled me out of a bad date once.  It seems like whenever I needed my dad to be there, even when I didn't know I needed him to rescue me, he was there.   My dad is quiet- he speaks, but it is the kind of words that you know are important because they are not surrounded with a lot of chatter.  So I listen.  More so as I've gotten older, but even as a kid- if my dad spoke- I listened.

My dad is a self made man.  He built everything he has from the ideas in his head (and on a cocktail napkin!)- a marriage, business, home.  He is an avid reader and I swear knows everything about everything- and if he doesn't know it he will find a book on it or google it.  Knowledge is something my dad has in spades.  I find myself telling my children, "Ask Papa", constantly.  I still call him whenever I am cooking because I know he will be able to tell me how to hard boil an egg perfectly, or the best way to cook chicken breasts in the oven.

My dad started out as a bridge painter in the 1930's.  He even painted one of our homes- two stories and hopping around on the ladder like a teenager even though he was in his 70's at the time.  He let me paint my own room as a teenager, carefully showing me how to get just the right amount of paint on my brush and the best way to cover the wall.  His boar's hair brushes hang in my living room and I am so proud to have a piece of his history in my home.

When I met my husband, Travis, one of the things that drew me to him was how similar he was to my dad.  He was caring, but quiet, strong, but gentle, and I swear more than once I saw the same Macgyver like skills when it came to fixing things.  They are very alike.  It is no wonder that Travis stole my heart- his qualities are just like the first man in my life who showed me what being a good husband and dad was supposed to look like.

Happy Father's day to the two men in my life who are the world to me.  Thank you for being who you are and for setting the perfect example to our girls as to what makes a good man a great dad.


  1. Thanks, you are to sweet. It is easy being a good man with such a wonderful wife by my side. -Travis

  2. You're twice blessed, Tricia!

  3. this is the sweetest post!

  4. This is an amazing tribute to a terrific father (and husband)! And I noticed that your husband not only reads your blog ~ and he takes the time to comment as well:)

  5. What an awesome post. So sweet and endearing.


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