Garage entryway...

Our cottage has an entrance from the garage that we use far more often than the front door.  I wanted to decorate this space, but still use things that were purposeful.  
The large file holder on the wall is from PB- but I scored it at a garage sale for $5.  
The light was a One King's Lane find, the clock hands from Wisteria, and the wall hooks are Anthropologie that Travis attached to a board to make them more sturdy.  

The purse was a gift from my teaching partner last year.
This space is tiny, but one of my favourite decorated spaces in our cottage.  

*photos by Brittany Rae Photography


  1. In my childhood house, no one ever used the front door - always the side door. If anyone came to the front door, we knew they were selling something.

    Love you little entryway. I have a similar file folder thing that is in the attic because I can't decide what to do with it.

    1. LOL! I had to put a 'no solicitors' sign out by the front door!


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